ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

8 December 2022By Dasha

ONLYOFFICE follows the tradition of summing up the year. Read this blog to know what new plugins, integrations, and updates we have realized in 2022.

ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

New connectors

ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

Our collection of integration apps has more than 30 connectors allowing users to add document editing to the platform they use. In 2022 we added 4 new connectors for:

  • Moodle, an open-source learning platform. We have launched our official Moodle connector to provide users with editing and collaboration features to work with course documents inside the platform with more stability.
  • WordPress, an open-source content management system.
  • Strapi, an open-source headless CMS.
  • Drupal, a web content management system.

We also welcome your feedback and requests for new integrations. Let us know at

Connector updates

ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

In addition to developing new connectors, we also worked on improving existing integrations.

In ONLYOFFICE Docs version 7.0, our editors got a brand new feature – creating forms with fillable fields. At the same time, working with forms became possible in Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, Confluence, Jira, Liferay, Redmine, Plone, HumHub, and Chamilo.

Besides, we have also added new features and fixed bugs in existing integrations trying to keep our users’ feedback in mind. Connectors for the following platforms received updates:

Partner integrations

ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

We welcome our partners who add ONLYOFFICE to their platforms to provide their users with document editing features.

  • FlinkISO, an intuitive quality management software developed by Techmentis Global Services Pvt. Ltd., a company from India.
  • O2OA, a collaborative office space to boost productivity developed by the Chinese company Lande Network.
  • C360, a suite of secure and accessible applications by the Italian company Innovazionedigitale.
  • Le Nuage Français, a complete French collaborative solution built on a 100% open-source infrastructure.
  • Tuleap, an open-source Agile project management software by our French partner Enalean.

New plugins

ONLYOFFICE integrations review 2022

Plugins bring third-party features to our editors. It significantly reduces and simplifies your work. This year, we have added several handy ones:

  • Jitsi to organize audio and video meetings.
  • Rainbow to exchange instant messages and make video and voice calls.
  • to create charts, mind maps, diagrams, infographics, etc.
  • Doc2md to quickly convert a text doc to Markdown.
  • Zoom for video conferencing is coming soon.

Since version 7.2 of ONLYOFFICE Docs, managing plugins has become easy. The new plugin manager allows adding and removing additional features directly from the editor window. The users don’t need to install it manually.

Just have a look at how easy the installation is now:

Currently, it is available only for ONLYOFFICE Docs. In Desktop Editors, the plugin manager will appear in future releases.

If you have a plugin of your own that you would like to add to the ONLYOFFICE App Directory, read this article to know more.

More exciting updates coming in 2023

This year we have worked hard to make our editors even more flexible, more accessible, and richer in functionality. And there is still a lot of work ahead and a lot of plans! Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Leave them in the comments or tweet us at only_office.