ONLYOFFICE Gift Hunt: part 4, find Santa Claus

22 December 2022By Vlad

Our international team is waiting for Christmas in every part of the globe. Can you guess the country where our people are ready to greet Santa? Test your intuition in this quiz and get 3 months of ONLYOFFICE Docs in the cloud for free.

ONLYOFFICE Gift Hunt: part 4, find Santa Claus

Look at the pictures in the form below and choose the option you think is correct. To get your prize, follow these steps:

Participation in this quiz increases your chances to win the main prizes such as Murena One, Mini PC, and merch stuff in the end of December.

As part of the ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt, you can play the emoji song game and advent quiz, and choose the ingredients for your ideal gingerbread recipe.

Read this article to find out all the conditions of our Christmas 2022 Gift Hunt.