Privacy-first open-source ecosystem: how Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE in /e/OS

22 December 2022By Ksenija

A main contributor to /e/OS mobile operating system, Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE editors in Murena Cloud to enable secure editing and collaboration in de-Googled mobile world. Read our exclusive story to learn more about Murena’s mission and how ONLYOFFICE helps accomplish it.

Privacy-first open-source ecosystem: how Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE in /e/OS

About /e/OS

/e/OS is a de-Googled open-source mobile operating system. Unlike conventional operating systems, /e/OS doesn’t scan or capture any personal data, user location or app usage.

Being completely open-source, /e/OS is fully auditable and demonstrates that it is possible today to have a smartphone where privacy is included by default.

The operating system supports all Android apps with no additional effort. Its embedded app store, App Lounge, connects users with all available Android apps, open source apps, and even progressive web apps.

Within App Lounge, users can see if hidden trackers are buried within their favorite apps so they know in advance of any potential threat to their data. But that’s not all — Advanced Privacy, a tool exclusive to /e/OS, gives users the option to block those hidden trackers to keep their data safe from microtargeting.

Privacy-first open-source ecosystem: how Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE in /e/OS
Image source: Murena

/e/OS is compatible with more than 200 devices today and supported by a vibrant community.

/e/OS is committed to providing better data privacy and security for individuals and corporations, along with a state-of-the-art user-friendly experience.

About Murena

Murena is the largest contributor to /e/OS, committed to privacy with outstanding and transparent products and services that help people escape from digital surveillance. Murena sells its own smartphones at that come with /e/OS preinstalled so anyone can benefit from better privacy within minutes.

Privacy-first open-source ecosystem: how Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE in /e/OS
Image source: Murena

Company partners with manufacturers like Fairphone, Teracube or Gigaset for the best hardware experiences but also repairability and long lasting hardware.

It operates a personal cloud called Murena Cloud that can fully integrate with /e/OS. It is a great alternative to proprietary solutions like Office 365 or Google Workspace.

Murena Cloud is a personal email account, agenda and contacts, a drive on the cloud, and an online office suite. All combined in one single service at, simple to use. It is powered by proven open-source software like NextCloud and ONLYOFFICE Docs.

And while Murena Cloud has been developed as an extension of /e/OS, it is also possible to use it outside of /e/OS, directly from your computer or another smartphone.

ONLYOFFICE Docs in Murena Cloud

A few years ago, Murena team reviewed various options for integrating an office suite in Murena Cloud. ONLYOFFICE was discovered to be the best open-source tool that offered a comfortable user interface, as well as excellent real-time collaboration features for documents. Another plus for Murena was easy integration in Nextcloud and the ability to scale the editors within the platform.

ONLYOFFICE has been integrated in customer-facing Murena cloud since day one.

Privacy-first open-source ecosystem: how Murena integrates ONLYOFFICE in /e/OS
Image source: e Foundation

Gaël Duval, CEO at Murena:

For us, it is important to show that you don’t have to loose months or weeks to find good solutions that combine open source and privacy by design. It is even more important for key need like an online office suite that you use daily.

We wanted to base our personal cloud on proven open-source solutions and when looked around for alternatives, ONLYOFFICE was an obvious choice.

ONLYOFFICE Docs is integrated by default in the custom Nextcloud deployment. Today, all Murena Cloud users have access to ONLYOFFICE office applications directly in their account.

ONLYOFFICE for internal collaboration at Murena

Murena team used ONLYOFFICE Docs internally before rolling it out in Murena Cloud.

Team Murena:

For us, it was not making sense to promote a tool we were not comfortable with. Today, Murena team members use it daily. From business plans to pitch decks and even collaborating within documents, we find ONLYOFFICE very useful for all our internal needs.

As the whole Murena team is spread around the world, it is essential for to have a tool to create and manage common documents and exchange ideas easily. It is fully aligned with the project’s essence and values.

Last but not least, the option to enable external guests users for specific projects is second to none for Murena. It makes life much more simple when users need to share documents, spreadsheets, or slides outside of the teams.


We asked Murena what were the benefits of using ONLYOFFICE.

The first reason is that ONLYOFFICE Docs is open-source software. As /e/OS is based on open-source and promotes open-source in general, Murena needed a tool that would match its values.

The second reason was a need for a solution that was as powerful as famous proprietary products and without a big learning curve for users. Murena team was pleased with the interface that they found simple and easy to understand.

Another value is the online first approach and the real-time collaboration – ONLYOFFICE has a complete set of collaborative tools, it is seamless to use, the and it offers complete document format compatibility.

And last but not least, ONLYOFFICE offers great scalability for multi-user deployments.

Murena team on challenges in adopting ONLYOFFICE:

There was a learning curve, but in this end, there is enough documentation to make it happen without technical issues.

A peek into the future

Murena plans to keep updating ONLYOFFICE in Murena Cloud to bring the latest improvements to its users, in particular the new interface and mobile editor, as well as architectural improvements like load balancing for multiple document servers for reliability and lower latency to the global audience.

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