ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: part 2, gingerbread factory

9 December 2022By Ksenija

It’s round 2 of our Christmas Gift Hunt! Take part in the new game to win a guaranteed 25% discount for Workspace Cloud and participate in our big final Christmas raffle.

Participate in all challenges to increase your chances to win the main prizes such as Murena One, Mini PC, and merch stuff in the end of December.

ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: part 2, gingerbread factory

Game 2: Gingerbread factory

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like gingerbread. This prominent Christmas symbol has already reached many countries and homes as a favorite winter dessert. It comes in all shapes and sizes: simple round cookies, stars, miniature houses, gingerbread men, you name it.

But Wisella is picky. She only eats a certain type of gingerbread, and you have to guess it correctly.

ONLYOFFICE Christmas Gift Hunt: part 2, gingerbread factory

How to play

Our game today is simple. You need to create a recipe for gingerbread, choosing shape, ingredients, and toppings in the pre-designed form:

Once complete, save the form and send the final version to, stating your nickname and using the title “Gingerbread Factory”.

Who wins?

First, every participant gets a 25% discount for ONLYOFFICE Workspace cloud. But that’s not it.

On December 26 we will ask Wisella whose recipe she likes the most using Wheel of Names and announce the winner who gets a 50% discount.

All participants of this game automatically take part in our big final Christmas raffle to win a Murena One smartphone, a Mini PC, or ONLYOFFICE merch. You can check all conditions of our Christmas 2022 Gift Hunt in the main article.