Best alternatives to TinyMCE

18 November 2022 By Dasha 0 99

TinyMCE is a robust text editor with wide functionality and collaborative features. However, you may need its alternative if you look for more features or a cheaper option. We have gathered a list of the best alternatives to TinyMCE that are worth considering and trying.

Best alternatives to TinyMCE


ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition is more than just a text editor, it is one of the best alternatives to TinyMCE. It includes editors for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms and allows viewing and converting PDF files and creating e-books. Plugins written in JavaScript can extend the functionality to your liking.

ONLYOFFICE editors are compatible with Microsoft formats DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX and support ODT, ODS, ODP, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB, and CSV.

Documents can be edited in a team using collaboration tools: two functional modes of collaborative editing, history and version control, change tracking, comments, and mentions in comments.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition integrates with any application in any programming language. It is suitable for both SaaS and on-premise solutions. For your convenience, deployment is available within React, Angular, and Vue environments.

Using ONLYOFFICE in your application allows you to add your application logo, customize the editor interface, and choose whether to show or hide additional buttons. The package includes conversion API and Document Builder for generating documents from JavaScript code.


CKEditor 5

Best alternatives to TinyMCE

CKEditor 5 is a popular WYSIWYG text editor in JavaScript that can serve as an alternative to TinyMCE. Unlike its predecessors, CKEditor 5 has a plugin-based architecture. You can therefore customize all features, for instance, remove even a simple function like typing. You can tune up, remove or replace plugins as you wish.

CKEditor 5 has built-in integrations with Angular, React, Vue.js, npm, webpack, Electron, etc. It offers a variety of features like its predecessor, auto-formatting and insertion from Word, mentions, placeholders, media inserts, and tables.

The premium version offers real-time collaboration, comments, tracking changes, revision history, importing from Word, exporting to PDF and Word, spelling and grammar checks, and math equations.

The free version is available for one site and 5 active users. A license is required if you want to use it on multiple websites. The price of the paid version varies depending on the features you need and the number of uses.

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Best alternatives to TinyMCE

Another alternative to TinyMCE is Editor.js. It is an open-source block-style text editor that produces clean data in JSON instead of heavy HTML markup. Editor.js consists of separate blocks: paragraphs, headings, images, lists, quotes, etc. Each of them is an independent editable content element (or a more complex structure) provided by a plugin and merged by the Editor core. This helps avoid problems with formatting text or moving parts of text around in a document. Other features, such as copying and pasting, cross-block highlighting, etc., are similar to those in familiar editors.

You can use ready-made blocks, or create your own with the API. Editor.js works with frameworks, like React, Vue, Angular, and vanilla JavaScript.


Best alternatives to TinyMCE

Trumbowyg is also considered an alternative to TinyMCE. It is a simple and lightweight WYSIWYG editor. Weighting only 20 KB ensures faster page loading. Because of this, the editor carries only the essentials for creating clean, semantic text.

The editor is enhanced for HTML5 support. Compatible with all popular browsers: IE9+, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. You can personalize the settings and design to suit your needs. However, the default design is compatible with the Retina display and provides a smooth and easy user experience.

Trumbowyg is available for Angular, Vue, React, Django, Ruby on Rails, and Laravel.

Standard functionality includes simple text formatting, adding links, inserting images, audio, and tables, using special characters, etc. Additionally, Trumbowyg contains documentation that will help you add your plugins.

Trumbowyg is an MIT-licensed open-source project and is completely free to use.


Best alternatives to TinyMCE

Simditor is a fast and simple WYSIWYG editor alternative to TinyMCE. It integrates with browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE10+ and can serve as an effective tool for adding a text editor to any project.

It has a fully customizable toolbar and allows users to enter text and then format it using a well-known editing template, and formatting text, adding links, images, tables, and Emojis. With Simditor extensions, you can enhance the editor’s basic features. It comes with clear documentation.


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