ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.2 for developers: how to enable live viewer

14 October 2022 By Ksenija 0 324

Live viewer added in the version 7.2 of ONLYOFFICE Docs allows users to see the changes made by other collaborators in real time when opening a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in the view only mode. Learn how to enable it in your instance.

ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.2 for developers: how to enable live viewer

How to activate

To apply the viewing modes, use the below described combinations of the editorConfig.coEditing parameter.

{mode: ‘fast’, change: true} Activates live viewer with the ability to switch to offline (common) viewer and back without page reloading. In this case, live viewer will be enabled by default for your users.

ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.2 for developers: how to enable live viewer

To disable this setting in the editors’ interface, users need to open a document in the Read Only mode, switch to the File -> Advanced Settings -> Collaboration and uncheck the setting Show changes from other users.

{mode: ‘fast’, change: false} Activates live viewer without the ability to switch to offline viewer.

{mode: ‘strict’, change: true} The common viewer is opened by default, but you can switch the mode to the live viewer in the Advanced Settings.

{mode: ‘strict’, change: false} Offline viewer is opened by default without the ability to switch to live viewer.

Is a new license needed for live viewer?

Yes. Server connections for live viewer are counted separately and are limited with the connections_view field in new licenses. For older licenses, live viewer is not available. However, live viewer will work in your existing integrations in case you get ONLYOFFICE Docs v.7.2 and a new license.

How to configure mobile live viewer

In mobile editors, the scheme of working with parameters is the same as in the web version. The only difference is that we don’t allow users to change the view mode (so, there is no Show changes from other users option in the settings).

Are there any limitations for live viewer?

In the following cases, only the common viewer is used:

How to adjust cursor display

In the live viewer, the cursors of the other users are displayed by configuring the document.permissions.userInfoGroups parameter. The changes will be displayed in the same way as in the editing mode.