Free online course on macros in ONLYOFFICE Docs

25 October 2022By Vlad

We start publishing free video courses on working in ONLYOFFICE solutions. The first one is dedicated to macros in ONLYOFFICE Docs and already available on YouTube.

Free online course on macros in ONLYOFFICE Docs

The course consists of 4 lessons, each of them is 5-10 minutes long. You’ll see how macros work, as well as some real examples in action.

For your convenience, we also added timestamps in the description — just tap one to proceed to the desired topic.

Lesson 1. Introduction to macros

In the opening lesson, we’ll walk you through fundamentals. You’ll learn what a macro is and why we use JavaScript for them, discover Document Builder, and see several macro examples.

Lesson 2. Building complex macros easily

Having the basics explored, you’re ready to create complex macros. This lesson covers building a macro for highlighting duplicate values.

Lesson 3. Creating macros without coding

In ONLYOFFICE Docs, you can write macros even without advanced knowledge of JavaScript. Our API documentation already contains code examples that you can use for free in your documents.

Lesson 4. Running your macro in one click

The final lesson of the course will cover a convenient way to run macros in ONLYOFFICE Docs with a custom button.

Want more video courses available for free? Let us know in the comments what topics you’re interested in.