TGI integrates ONLYOFFICE to provide lawyers and insurance experts with document management tools

20 September 2022By Dasha

TGI offers the ONLYOFFICE office suite as part of its solutions to allow its customers, including insurance adjusters and law firms, to perform document-related tasks. Find out why the developers chose ONLYOFFICE and what benefits users will receive from this integration in this article.

TGI integrates ONLYOFFICE to provide lawyers and insurance experts with a document management tools

About TGI

TGI is a cooperative company created in 1982, with its headquarters in Lyon and offices in France, Italy, and Spain. As a software publisher specializing in business applications, TGI develops management tools for insurance and law firms. TGI services also extend to studying and developing specific, adaptable, and customizable business applications to meet the needs of all types of companies.

Continuous monitoring allows the company to be a pioneer in developing 100% cloud solutions in its sector. From on-premises software to cloud solutions, including SaaS tools and mobile applications, TGI offers a complete and efficient range of products and services, capable of covering all the IT needs of its customers. TGI relies heavily on open-source software to ensure maximum development flexibility and adaptability of software packages.

As an ESN, TGI also offers to host services for companies. TGI has partnered with data centers in France and has several backup sites that guarantee optimal security of its data.


All of TGI’s customers and businesses use and exchange text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations in their activities. So it was essential to integrate an office suite that covers all these needs.

The main challenge for the developers was to find an office suite that meets the following requirements:

  • Complete and powerful functionality;
  • Open source;
  • Ability to integrate;
  • Data security;
  • Ease of use.

The technology monitoring that the TGI team regularly performs has allowed TGI to notice the ONLYOFFICE package as soon as it appeared on the market. There are few complete, high-performance office suites that are compatible with Microsoft Office, so the choice fell on ONLYOFFICE, which meets all these criteria. In addition, the decision was made concerning the security and confidentiality of user data and information.

The final test – that of ease of use – was carried out by the clients themselves. After ONLYOFFICE had been validated, the choice was confirmed.

What the result is

By integrating an independent office suite, TGI can make its tools autonomous and secure in its own environment. It can remain compatible with the formats of the main players in the sector, such as the Microsoft Office suite, without depending on them.

The main uses of the ONLYOFFICE suite within TGI solutions are:

  • Creation and drafting of documents via office automation tools: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations;
  • Modifying documents compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • Collaboration on documents. Thanks to the ONLYOFFICE suite, users of TGI solutions can provide their clients with documents on which they will work together, regardless of their format.

Sonia, Marketing and Sales Manager at TGI:

ONLYOFFICE for TGI clients is a flexible and complete office suite for efficient and secure use.