ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: now pre-installed on risiOS

15 September 2022By Ksenija

Great news here! ONLYOFFICE desktop app is now officially pre-installed on risiOS, a Fedora-based distro from Seattle. Learn all the details below.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: now pre-installed on risiOS

About risiOS

risiOS is a Linux distro developed by Seattle-based team, the USA, based on Fedora with the default GNOME desktop.

risiOS is able to deliver on the latest cutting-edge features without breaking things mid-release cycle. Some of the modern features risiOS inherits from Fedora include BTRFS, Wayland (even on NVIDIA hardware), Pipewire, and more.

The distro elements include:

  • risiWelcome to help first-time users install drivers and codecs, setup FlatHub and RPMFusion, and find resources related to risiOS.
  • risiTweaks to change themes and layout settings, manage GNOME extensions and installers.
  • risiScript to generate a GUI wizard for bash/shell scripts and make things like installing third-party apps and system configuration easy.
  • Web apps (fork of Linux Mint’s web app manager with security measures) to discover new web apps and conveniently add them.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors pre-installed

In the beginning of September, the developers updated ISO of risiOS 36 (build 20220903) and made ONLYOFFICE desktop app a pre-installed office suite.

Cameron Knauff, Founder of risiOS:

We are now partnering with ONLYOFFICE to pre-install it on risiOS. ONLYOFFICE is a great office suite with an easy user interface, excellent Microsoft Office document compatibility, and everything else you need from an office suite.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: now pre-installed on risiOS
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors launched on risiOS. Image source:

With ONLYOFFICE desktop app pre-installed, risiOS users are able to:

  • Create new office files, browse the existing ones, edit text docs, sheets, and slides of all popular formats (high compatibility is provided with DOCX, XLSX, PPTX).
  • View PDFs and convert them to DOCX for further editing.
  • Create digital forms, fill them out, save as PDF.
  • Protect documents with passwords and digital signatures.
  • Use plugins for extra features, e.g. to translate texts, insert YouTube videos and diagrams, highlight code, etc.
  • Connect the app to ONLYOFFICE cloud, Nextcloud, ownCloud, Seafile, Liferay, and kDrive for real-time document collaboration.