ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition: powerful, customizable and flexible as never before

27 September 2022By Ksenija

Great news for software developers!

Now the ONLYOFFICE Docs edition for software development and commercial production comes with more options and additional features. It offers third-party developers freedom to provide even more flexible and scalable solutions and tools. Read this post to find out more.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition: powerful, customizable and flexible as never before

About ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition is a special version of the ONLYOFFICE online office suite that allows software developers to provide the users of their self-hosted or SaaS apps or services with powerful document, spreadsheet and presentation editors as well as a form creator and a PDF reader and converter under their own brand.

ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition comes with a free trial period so that developers can try its features and decide if it’s suitable for their purposes.


Watch this video to learn more about the Developer Edition:

What’s included in the standard plan

The out-of-box Developer Edition offers a ready-to-use set of standard tools for software development and production, including:

  • Online office suite with collaborative editors;
  • PDF, DjVu, and XPS viewer and converter;
  • Document Builder, an SDK for advanced document processing;
  • Mobile web editors;
  • File conversion service;
  • Professional support and regular updates.

New pricing calculator

ONLYOFFICE Docs for production offers flexible pricing. It is calculated according to selected number of simultaneous connections (starting from 250), branding, and level of technical support (Basic, Plus or Premium). The updated package calculator features even more parameters:

Advanced API. Now there is an option to get access to the Advanced API with an new API class that makes it possible to interact with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms from the outside.

Using the extended API package, it is possible to create a connector to address the files directly through your app’s interface and work on the content using any available tools: add comments, fill forms, and much more, with custom handlers and buttons.

Multitenancy. In addition to the already existing scalability options, support for disaster recovery and multi-server deployment, you you can also opt for multitenancy. This feature allows several independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, which can be installed either on a single server or across a cluster of servers. This is a good choice if you want the ONLYOFFICE online editors to be part of your SaaS solution.

Additional tools and services. If you want to make your integration with ONLYOFFICE Docs more powerful, here is what can help:

  • Live Viewer for browsing real-time changes in the document in View Only mode.
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android, with distribution rights.
  • Desktop editors for Windows, Linux and macOS, with distribution rights.

* Please note that all the additional features are available at extra cost. You can check the pricing on this page.

Do you want to make ONLYOFFICE Docs part of your software solution and allow your users to enjoy all the benefits of online document editing and collaboration? Try it now for free: