Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs on Artera Swiss Premium Hosting

1 September 2022By Elena

An internet service provider in Switzerland is using ONLYOFFICE Docs in integration with their cloud services to ensure fast and reliable collaboration. As a result of the successful launch of the online editors within the team, the company is now offering the office suite as part of their hosting solutions. Sergio Ravera, CEO of Artera, talks about his team’s achievements.

Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs on Artera Swiss Premium Hosting

About Artera

Artera is an internet service provider founded in 2002 with the aim of providing services and consultancy to web agencies. Their philosophy has always been to prefer open-source software. The main purpose of the hosting service is to provide an alternative to the wide and crowded offer of “mass” hosting providers. Aiming to offer a service that puts performance and quality first, they support the clients with special attention to technical assistance.

Artera is a Swiss brand that combines security with high quality services to meet the needs of each customer, from the individual developer to companies and agencies.

Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs on Artera Swiss Premium Hosting
Image source: Artera’s Instagram profile

A way to integration of ONLYOFFICE into cloud hosting service from internal use…

As the company has always favored open-source software, they have known ONLYOFFICE solutions for several years. After the evaluation and the comparison with other solutions on the market, Artera integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs with their internal Nextcloud for sharing and collaboration on documents.

The combined solution had successfully passed the testing period and showed that it met all the team’s expectations.

… to a great deal on the market

The daily use of ONLYOFFICE Editors within cloud hosting inspired the team to offer a similar solution to their clients.

As the company was always focused on data security, the transparency and the high level of security outlining ONLYOFFICE solutions were the main points to opt for it. Furthermore, Artera mentions other important features:

  • Fast problem solving. No need to say that quick and professional assistance is important in terms of client support.
  • Easy integration. A variety of official connectors and integration methods are available to connect online editors to any digital system.
  • Always up to date. Modern infrastructure that grows together with your project is one of the ways to increase the productivity and effectiveness of a team.
  • Evolving and custom. Flexible and performing office suite that fits the needs of the clients.

Sergio Ravera, CEO of DHH Switzerland SA, owner of the Artera brand:

ONLYOFFICE is the software that we use at Artera, we tested it and it immediately seemed the best. For this reason, we are very proud of this collaboration. Artera users enjoy full integration with our cloud hosting and ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Useful features of ONLYOFFICE Editors in combination with fast and performing hosting from Artera together make an optimal and secure online workspace for document sharing&collaboration. At the time of ordering a hosting platform or later by opening a simple ticket, Artera customers can also get an office suite, choosing between ONLYOFFICE Community or Enterprise edition. Installation of online editors as a stand alone solution or in integration with Nextcloud is always free and carried out by specialized technicians.

Try yourself maximum browsing speed, enhanced security and privacy of Swiss data centers with powerful and open-source office suite*:


*Trial is free for 60 days.

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