OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

21 July 2022By Ksenija

Our free library lets you create documents from templates to save a big deal of time and automate routines at work and at home. It features a variety of pre-designed forms in productivity, government, business, legal and other categories, giving you plenty of choice and requiring minimal effort. Learn how to use it in the web and within ONLYOFFICE solutions.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

About OFORM library

With introduction of OFORMs in ONLYOFFICE Docs, we launched a free online hub where everyone can use ready templates for documents without paying any fees or installing additional apps.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

In the library, you can search for a document you need, choose one of the available designs, and then open it in the online form editor to add necessary information. Once the form is filled out, it can be exported in DOCX or PDF format.

You can also download the forms as PDF, DOCXF, or OFORM to fill them out on your computer, suggest edits to the existing forms, and suggest your own forms to add to the library.

OFORM library is also available for users of ONLYOFFICE Workspace and ONLYOFFICE Personal in their cloud office interface.

Let’s discover how to use the OFORM library.

Navigation between categories

The library features templates for documents for any purpose: hobbies, entertainment, accounting, sales, and much more. You will find the right template whether you need to compose a personal shopping list, submit tax information to your local government, plan a wedding, or draft and sign a lease agreement.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

Our design team makes sure your personal and work documents are up to date with standards and regulations, contain all necessary information and have an appealing look.

All templates are categorized by type and industry. You can find hundreds of forms distributed among over 20 categories.

By industry:

  • Real estate
  • Rental and lease
  • Employment
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Office
  • Private
  • HR
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Productivity
  • Planning
  • Business
  • Tax
  • Miscellaneous

By type:

  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • Letters
  • Official forms
  • Statements
  • Diagrams

To see other forms in any department, find current template’s category on its page and browse all items in it by clicking on it.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

Other templates from the current category are also suggested in the lower part of every form’s dedicated page.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

Getting started with a chosen template

Every form has its dedicated page where you can find the form preview, description, and information about format, size, and number of pages.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

On the form page, you can open the form for filling in the browser or download the empty form to fill it out on your computer or elsewhere. Formats available for download are DOCXF (for form creation and editing), OFORM (for filling only), and PDF.

And here, you can also offer edits for a template. If you feel like a particular document requires an update or its content can be improved in your opinion, click Suggest changes and send us an email with your tips.

Filling the forms online

You can fill out any template online in your browser using the free form editor. Just click Open and fill and the form in OFORM will be opened in the new tab for filling.

OFORM library: discover collection of fillable forms

  1. Navigate between the empty fields using the arrows on the top toolbar, or simply click on the field you wish to add information to.
  2. To empty the fields, click Clear All Fields button on the same toolbar.
  3. To perform additional actions, such as print or download the file, as well as change zoom and interface theme, use the menu available in the top right corner
    You can learn more about using the editor in the Help Center.

Build and customize templates to create unique documents

Using ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, it is possible to create forms from scratch and customize the existing templates in DOCXF, a special format that allows editing content and fields. You can also use the existing DOCX documents to convert them in DOCXF and create a template.

Supercharge your personal and business document workflows with OFORMs:

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