Top 5 ways to use OFORM (at work or at home)

22 July 2022By Vlad

OFORM is a native format for online fillable forms in ONLYOFFICE Docs. There are many everyday tasks you can facilitate with this type of documents. Read on to learn how.

Top 5 ways to use OFORM (at work or at home)

The form creator in ONLYOFFICE Docs allows drafting customized templates with fillable fields, including text boxes, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons etc. Once ready, you can save a template as OFORM and send for filling out.

Individual users and teams use forms in different cases. Here are the most popular ones.

1. Automate document workflow

OFORMs are certainly a perfect way to make document workflow easier, whether you’re a freelancer or in-house employee. With templates of necessary papers, you only need to enter corresponding details. No need to start each document from scratch.

Price list

Customers need to know the cost of your goods and services. Price lists are often printed or sent online by request. Just specify your items and cost in any currency.


This template is a basic time-stamped record of the transaction between a buyer and a seller. Widely used in B2B sales, it contains items, quantity, pricing, tax rates, and sometimes payment terms and other conditions.

Employment verification letter

This form is a proof of employment issued to verify the salary or income earned by an employed person.

2. Come to an agreement

We deal with contracts and agreements at work, school, gym, and in daily life. Signed agreements become legally binding and they often look daunting. Indeed, popular agreements are rarely created from scratch.

Rental agreement

With this template, you can arrange the crucial terms for renting/leasing a house or apartment. The form comprises details necessary to avoid misunderstanding regarding the property.

Loan agreement

A simple loan contract template with detailed borrowing and repayment terms, interest details, fees, and security provisions.

Contributor license agreement

This form is relevant for communities developing open-source software. It defines terms of intellectual contributions for developers, designers, or creators.

3. Keep things in order

As an alternative to blank traditional planners, these forms below are a perfect solution for teams and individuals from any industry. Typical sheets help track down any process, such as development, bug detection, project implementation.

Issue log

Not only Q&A teams will benefit from this kind of issue trackers. Risk management requires similar templates to know weaknesses of the project and brainstorm solutions.


This is a one-size-fits-all checklist where you can split any project into smaller tasks and check their status.

Inventory count sheet

This sheet allows tracking the inventory turnover and recording the items in stock.

4. Visualize your thoughts

A diagram is an awesome way to showcase your ideas to an audience and simply keep them in order. With these popular templates, you’ll be able to learn insights and make more informed decisions.

Fishbone diagram

With a fishbone diagram, you can find the relation between cause and effect to solve any issue. It visualizes the result of brainstorming possible solutions and mindmapping.

Frayer model

This is a useful organizer to analyze and determine the vocabulary. It includes definition, facts, examples, and non-examples for a concept.

5 whys

A layout of the popular five whys technique for analyzing the cause and effect of the particular problem.

5. Plan your weekend & leisure

When people hear about forms, most of them think of standardized state and commercial paperwork, office lifestyle, and tricky words in endless agreements. That’s not always the case – templates are useful in daily tasks that aren’t even connected to documents.

In fact, most of you are familiar with these examples.

Grocery list

This template is a life-saving list of products when planning a picnic, festive event, or just family dinner. Items are grouped by type.

Meal planner

Print out this template and stick where you see it to track or edit nutrition ideas.

Bingo card

Play bingo with your friends or family. Just replace text in the fields with your own and print out cards.


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