Le Nuage Français integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs to allow editing documents within a sovereign and ecological solution

24 May 2022By Dasha

Our partner Aqua Ray provides companies and public organizations with sovereign cloud stocked in green data centers in France. To ensure document editing and collaboration, the cloud integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs. Discover more details about the solution and the integration in our blog.

Le Nuage Français integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs: editing and collaboration of documents within a sovereign and ecological solution

About LNF

Le Nuage Français (LNF) is developed by Aqua Ray, a French independent Sovereign Cloud operator. The company offers collocation services in green data centers and the provision of infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS), and application software (SaaS). It also offers consulting services and maintenance of web hosting platforms in operational conditions, or “Managed Services”.

The company’s development relies on an ambitious strategy of “vertical integration” that guarantees its customers total sovereignty over its products and services while aiming for excellence in terms of safety, reliability, and ecology.

Le Nuage Français is a complete French collaborative solution built on a 100% open-source infrastructure. The aim is to provide a credible alternative to the solutions operated by American companies, like Microsoft 365 or G Suite, and allow French SMEs and local authorities to control their budgets.

Le Nuage Français integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs: editing and collaboration of documents within a sovereign and ecological solution


Aqua Ray works with nearly a thousand French city governments of all sizes, providing them with web hosting and messaging services. Many of them have already used ONLYOFFICE services. The office suite has become their preferred open-source solution, with the same functionality as the industry leaders.

The clients appreciate ONLYOFFICE for:

  • Co-editing (ability to view changes in real time or lock the part to edit);
  • Integrated chat and comments;
  • Modifications history.

In addition, the French public sector is sensitive to ONLYOFFICE issues of sovereignty, data security and GDPR compliance. Since all of these criteria also lay at the heart of Aqua Ray’s work, it was natural to integrate a solution that was recognized by its existing customers.

Raphael Nicoud, the president of Aqua Ray:

The projects we select and propose to our customers must correspond to our ambitions in terms of digital sovereignty. ONLYOFFICE is not only a European Open-Source project that meets this requirement, but its maturity is such that the solution has nothing to envy to proprietary alternatives. By integrating ONLYOFFICE into our collaborative suite «Le Nuage Français», we are determined to invest significantly in developing improvements to the solution that will benefit the entire community. It’s a long-term partnership that we’re committed to and that corresponds to a certain vision around freedom and sharing, European values that I believe are essential to defend in the context of the global economy. European values that seem essential to defend in the current context.

Galina Goduhina, Sales Director at ONLYOFFICE:

Today it is becoming more and more important to provide people with reliable services that are not influenced by the interests of third parties in economic and political terms. Now you are able to easily get the complete office solution based on ONLYOFFICE in the reliable infrastructure of Aqua Ray and be sure about your data and stability of the resources you are using every day.


How the integration works

Creating and editing documents with ONLYOFFICE editors is available within platform Le Nuage Français. Users can create, edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheet, and presentations directly in the platform’s interface. You can test the LNF solution integrating ONLYOFFICE, without registration, the online demo space.

Le Nuage Français integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs: editing and collaboration of documents within a sovereign and ecological solution