O2OA integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs into its open-source productivity platform

20 April 2022By Alina

Read this article and learn how O2OA team integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs into their product and set it up as a default editor to provide a better document collaboration experience to their customers.

O2OA integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs into its open-source productivity platform

About O2OA

O2OA is an open-source productivity software developed by Lande Network. The platform provides a low-code development model that makes it easier to complete customization of office systems.

In other words, it is a collaborative office space which combines 5 core management platforms:

  • Processes help enterprises to optimize business flow and include process visualizer, form editor (desktop and mobile), process link handler, official document creator and handwritten signature tool.
  • Portals provide users with personalized integrated pages that unify the distribution of dynamic information and announcements within the organization. It includes page design and editing tools, support of DOM (Document Object Model) events, multiple development frameworks and widget front-end component customization.
  • Share information with Contents. All the data, documents and pictures can be easily organized within the enterprise with the use of various types of templates and permission levels.
  • Services include a feature for data integration with third-party systems. It allows to avoid information silos within the enterprise. In Services users can also execute periodic tasks through proxy scripts, create service scripts and synchronize data.
  • With Data and statistics, you can follow the actual business needs, travel expenses, material in and out, project budget, procurement costs and gift costs.

O2OA integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs into its open-source productivity platform


As O2OA is an office management platform, many of its clients were seeking to increase productivity and improve online document collaboration.

Li Yi, O2OA Product Sales Manager:

Our customers were searching for a tool, which could let them preview, edit and collaborate on office documents online. That’s how we found ONLYOFFICE Docs — an open-source collaborative office software.

Besides, some users prefer working on documents directly from the browser. In this case, they can avoid the difficulties with formats compatibility and have better document security.

Therefore, the team integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs into O2OA and implemented it as an internal editor. Now, the software better meets customer needs and helps them improve the way they collaborate on documents.

O2OA integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs into its open-source productivity platform

How it works

With ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated, you are able to complete even more tasks within one application. You can use not only all the business flow management tools, but also a powerful online editor, which lets you easily preview, edit and collaborate on office documents, directly on the O2OA platform.

To get started, download, install and run Docker file, which contains O2OA platform with ONLYOFFICE Docs implemented. You can read this article to learn how to install and use this integration on-premises or on the web.