How Yamaha Motor Solutions in Xiamen improves online collaboration on documents with ONLYOFFICE

22 March 2022By Alina

Yamaha Motor Solutions in Xiamen, China uses ONLYOFFICE Docs for effective collaboration within the team members, and plans to integrate it into their own ECM product A1-SHARE to provide a better document collaboration experience for their customers. Read on for more details.

How Yamaha Motor Solutions improves online collaboration on documents with ONLYOFFICE

About Yamaha Motor Solutions (Xiamen)

Yamaha Motor Solutions was incorporated in Xiamen in 1999 and now has a technical team of 500 people with branches or permanent agencies in Shanghai, Chongqing, Suzhou, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. The market scope is spread over more than ten countries and related areas, such as China, Japan, Southeast Asia and others.

The company provides customers with personalized one-stop IT solutions and services. They cover the entire value chain, such as product development, business and supply chain management, after-sales service, IT infrastructure operation and maintenance.

How Yamaha Motor Solutions improves online collaboration on documents with ONLYOFFICE


Yamaha Motor Solutions (Xiamen) discovered ONLYOFFICE through the recommendation on Alfresco website, as their ECM product is based on its framework.

One of the company departments provides ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions for organizations in China. Mr. Lai, the head of the department, explains that the members of his team were searching for the tool which could allow them to preview and edit office documents online, along with the possibility to discuss the process in real time.

Finally, they decided to choose ONLYOFFICE Docs and integrate it with the Alfresco platform via an official connector. This integration allows multiple users to work on documents online and save these changes back to Alfresco. In other words, there is no need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks.

Sharing their experience

Now, Yamaha Motor Solutions (Xiamen) successfully optimizes the way they collaborate on office documents with ONLYOFFICE editors. A set of real-time collaboration features let multiple users work on the same document simultaneously. These tools are extremely helpful in a plenty of working processes, especially in the face of a pandemic.

Mr. Lai, the head of ECM Solutions Department:

Online previewing, online editing and online communicating are the 3 most useful features of ONLYOFFICE for us. 

How Yamaha Motor Solutions improves online collaboration on documents with ONLYOFFICE

For the next step, the company is planning to integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs into their product – A1-SHARE – and offer a ready-to-use software to their clients. A1-SHARE is a professional-grade content and process management platform. It helps enterprises to store, share, manage, protect and utilize documents.

As for now, they have tested this integration, and our technical support team is working on the improvement of format compatibility. We hope that we’ll work it out soon and Yamaha Motor Solutions (Xiamen) will be able to recommend ONLYOFFICE to their customers.