FlinkISO integrates ONLYOFFICE: effective document collaboration within quality management software

31 March 2022By Ksenija

Thanks to the direct integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs in FlinkISO, users are able to seamlessly collaborate on office files within their QMS. Read on for more details.

FlinkISO integrates ONLYOFFICE: effective document collaboration within quality management software

About FlinkISO

FlinkISO is an intuitive quality management software developed by Techmentis Global Services Pvt. Ltd., an experienced IT-company with headquarters in Mumbai. FlinkISO automates the entire QMS for any small, medium & large organization. It is available on-cloud as well as on-premise.

The latest version of FlinkISO is integrated with ONLYOFFICE Docs and also equipped with No-Code feature which allows users to build their own HTML forms.


Document management module in the older versions of FlinkISO was integrated with web-based WYSIWYG editors which failed to deliver the best user experience. Those editors lacked the ability to convert existing DOC and DOCX files to any web-based readable format while keeping its design and layout intact. It was impossible to integrate formats for working with presentations or spreadsheets.

Document management is one of the core features of FlinkISO, so they needed powerful document processing as well. The reason behind choosing ONLYOFFICE is not only excellent functionality, but also pricing and licensing which allowed FlinkISO team to choose the best affordable and scalable solution.

Mayuresh Vaidya, Co-Founder of FlinkISO Quality Management Software:

We, at FlinkISO, are excited to partner with ONLYOFFICE. With the FlinkISO-ONLYOFFICE integration, our customers can now create professional-looking documents and spreadsheets from within the FlinkISO system in no time and securely share them with their team members, saving both time and money they would otherwise spend on either editors with obvious limitations or purchasing expensive office software. Kudos to ONLYOFFICE team for this excellent product.

How the integration works

ONLYOFFICE Docs are directly bundled with FlinkISO. Users of the Cloud Edition don’t need to install anything – the suite gets activated as and when a user registers in the FlinkISO system.

Users of the On-Premise solution can opt for the community version of ONLYOFFICE Docs installed on the FlinkISO server or install it on their own machine. Using scalable versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs with FlinkISO is also possible.

ONLYOFFICE editors are loaded from within the FlinkISO pages where users can create, edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

For every document, Update, Read & Download history is recorded with the issue number. Users can download these documents in PDF format by adding a password. They can also digitally sign such PDFs while downloading them.

Watch this video tutorial to discover more info:

Besides, the latest version of FlinkISO also provides an ability to create and design custom HTML forms using drag-and-drop. Users can upload and create a document or spreadsheet with ONLYOFFICE and then create identical HTML forms without any coding.