OpenKM and ONLYOFFICE Docs: WOPI integration available

14 December 2021By Ksenija

With ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated in the document management system OpenKM, users can edit and co-author office documents directly from the platform. Read on to learn the details.

OpenKM and ONLYOFFICE Docs: WOPI integration available

About OpenKM

OpenKM is an open-source electronic document and record management system developed by Open Document Management System S.L. with headquarters in Spain.

The platform allows users to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents. Besides, it includes administration tools to define user roles, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed activity logs and automation setup.

Users can choose between the free Community version distributed under GPL v2, or opt for the Professional Enterprise version.

Simplifying work with documents

When users need to edit a file in OpenKM, by default they should do it from the properly configured device since OpenKM makes a call to the suitable software to enable document processing.

However, such a scenario is not always possible. That’s why the developers decided to implement the integration with ONLYOFFICE Docs as well. According to OpenKM, ONLYOFFICE is an ideal solution to enable online document editing regardless of the device configuration.

Vicente Bravo, Senior Developer at OpenKM:

The integration of OpenKM and ONLYOFFICE increases the versatility of the document management system while granting more freedom and decision-making power to users.

How the integration works

To be able to edit office files in OpenKM, you need ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server) to be installed on your computer.

The integration itself is based on using WOPI protocol. It should be configured by a tech specialist, in most cases it’s an OpenKM administrator. Detailed instructions are available in the official documentation.

From the end user perspective, everything is pretty easy. You’ll see the new ONLYOFFICE option in the interface of your OpenKM and can open documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for editing and co-authoring.

OpenKM and ONLYOFFICE Docs: WOPI integration available
A presentation opened with ONLYOFICE Docs in OpenKM. Source: OpenKM

You can also watch this video tutorial to learn how to work with ONLYOFFICE within OpenKM: