ONLYOFFICE official connector for Redmine released

4 November 2021By Ksenija

Our free ready-to-use connector for Redmine is now available. It allows editing office documents directly from Redmine using ONLYOFFICE Docs. Read on for more details.

ONLYOFFICE official connector for Redmine released

About Redmine

Redmine is a free and open-source project management and issue tracking tool that comprises per project wikis and forums, time tracking, and flexible role-based access control. Redmine is written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

ONLYOFFICE connector and its features

ONLYOFFICE connector allows opening text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations uploaded to the Issues, Files, Documents, Wiki, or News modules within Redmine for viewing and co-editing. For each module, the access rights to view or edit files depend on the user role permissions.

ONLYOFFICE official connector for Redmine released

Currently, you can use the connector to edit and collaborate on DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files. Other formats are available for viewing (you can find the full list of supported formats here).

ONLYOFFICE official connector for Redmine released

What you should know before the installation

To be able to edit documents in Redmine, you need to deploy a running instance of ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server).

You can choose between the free community version or scalable enterprise edition with professional tech assistance. Special tariff plan for home use is also available.

Install the connector

You can get the ONLYOFFICE connector from the Redmine Plugins Directory or download it from GitHub.

Please note that ONLYOFFICE is compatible with Redmine v.4.0.0 or higher.


Then, make sure that the Redmine instance is stopped and follow these steps:

  1. Put the onlyoffice_redmine plugin directory into the /home/redmine/redmine/plugins folder.
  2. Go to the Redmine directory: cd redmine.
  3. Install dependencies: bundle install.
  4. Initialize/update the database:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=onlyoffice_redmine

Configure the connector

Once you have the connector installed, configure it via the Redmine interface. Go to Administration -> Plugins -> ONLYOFFICE Redmine plugin -> Configure and specify:

  • The URL and port of the installed ONLYOFFICE Docs.
  • Secret key to enable JWT that protects your documents from unauthorized access. You also need to specify the same secret key in the ONLYOFFICE Docs config file to enable the validation (further info can be found here).
  • Editor customization settings if necessary.