How ONLYOFFICE Workspace streamlines business processes at Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg

30 November 2021By Ksenija

Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg from Germany is using ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise to organize effective team workflow. Nils Braune, who is responsible for organization and technology, talks about his team’s experience.

How ONLYOFFICE Workspace streamlines business processes at Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg

About Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg

For over ten years, Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg (eng: School of Moderators) has been supporting people who want to perfect their performance skills in front of the audience – at live events and in the media.

The company was founded in 2010 by Nicole Krieger, an experienced TV presenter and one of the most successful event moderators in Germany. Today, more than a dozen top experts from business and media share their knowledge in face-to-face workshops, online seminars or blended learning trainings.

The participants learn how to moderate in a confident and relaxed manner, present themselves in the media and convince the audience with their own voice and personality.

Nicole Krieger created a unique concept for this purpose. The Gastgeber-Methode® (host method) enables both beginners and professionals to moderate conferences, meetings, events, and discussions competently and successfully. This concept was documented in the book published by Beltz Verlag in 2017.

How ONLYOFFICE Workspace streamlines business processes at Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg
Photo credit: Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg/IAV Führungskräftetreffen

Searching for a suitable solution

Nils Braune tells us that in the past ten years Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg has grown significantly. Five years after the company was founded, they realized it was no longer possible to work without a groupware solution and manage the growing customer base, the expanded range of seminars and the team of trainers and external service providers.

In addition, they established new positions in sales, marketing, and office management, and needed to build a unified database that could be accessed by multiple employees at the same time.

So, Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg was looking for an open-source solution to effectively manage all their business contacts: seminar participants, prospects, and partners. They wanted to choose either a cloud server or a self-hosted software.

It was also important for them that the CRM system allowed as many seminar management processes as possible – from customer communication to invoicing.

As a result, Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg opted for the self-hosted ONLYOFFICE Workspace and has been using it since 2020.

We recommend a collaborative office and document management system such as ONLYOFFICE to all companies and organizations that have grown beyond the status of a small business and want to work efficiently in a team.

Most needed features: Mail and CRM

Nils Braune says that proper interaction with customers is of a great importance to them. Therefore, almost all written client communication takes place via e-mail in ONLYOFFICE.

Thanks to the centralized CRM system, Moderatorenschule Baden-Württemberg staff can always get all the necessary information independently, without asking colleagues or the head of the company. On the other hand, everyone can share their work results with other employees at any time.

The ability to keep the relevant conversation history with partners and customers directly in the CRM contact as well as add new notes allows the team to quickly get a comprehensive overview of any person and their needs. This way, the employees can track the progress, avoid possible conflicts and optimally serve the seminar participants.

We are planning to simplify or automate even more processes in the future and hope that ONLYOFFICE will support us with new developments and features.