Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster using Helm

11 November 2021By Ksenija

From now on, you can easily install ONLYOFFICE Docs into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster with just several commands thanks to Helm. Read on for more details.

Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs into Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster using Helm

About Helm

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestrator.

Helm streamlines the installation and management of Kubernetes applications and can be compared to RPM or DEB packages in Linux, providing a convenient way for developers to package and ship an application to end users.

Helm uses a packaging format called Chart, a collection of files that describes a related set of Kubernetes resources.

Why to use Helm?

Once you have Helm installed and configured, you can deploy production-ready applications into your Kubernetes* cluster with one simple ‘helm install’ command. When needed, you can remove the installed applications in your cluster also with a single command.

*You can install ONLYOFFICE Docs into OpenShift cluster as well. OpenShift is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes-based container platform.

How to start

  1. Install your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster in case you don’t have it.
  2. Install Helm v3.
  3. Deploy prerequisites.
  4. Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs with the following command: $ helm install documentserver.
  5. Specify the needed parameters (it’s important for successful running of the editors).

You can find the detailed instructions on GitHub.

To use the editors in your Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster, you need to get a license. The cluster version is available for ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition and Developer Edition.

In case you deploy a cluster without the license, you can use the editors till the end of your 30-day free trial period.