How FIAB Pescarabici organizes fluid workflow with ONLYOFFICE Workspace

5 August 2021By Elena

Today we’re going to talk about the way FIAB Pescarabici, an organization that promotes the use of bicycles in an urban context, has implemented ONLYOFFICE Workspace in the cloud. Filippo Catania, President of the Association, shares his team daily experience.

How FIAB Pescarabici organizes fluid workflow with ONLYOFFICE Workspace

About FIAB Pescarabici Association

FIAB Pescarabici Association is an Italian non-profit organization from Pescara that popularizes cycling and sustainable lifestyle. It helps to reduce traffic, improving the city environment. FIAB supports energy-saving projects and reduction of waste, as well as various sports programs.

Planning a bicycle trip, a training course, or a conference, often involves assigning tasks, managing contacts, preparing necessary documents, communication within a team, when sharing these activities among co-workers is fundamentally important.

How FIAB Pescarabici organizes fluid workflow with ONLYOFFICE Workspace
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Filippo Catania shares his experience in searching for an office suite for his association:

It was difficult enough to find an office suite for smooth collaboration on projects and tasks within a team. There are a few, but I found ONLYOFFICE Workspace particularly useful. It’s easy to share activities with help of its modules: mailbox, documents, CRM, projects (although the latter still to be refined), and a set of efficient tools. Having all together in one space significantly accelerates planning and realization of a project.

After the launch of ONLYOFFICE Workspace, the team started to work smoothly and fluently without losing time for double communications – with task tracking and reporting in Projects.

Now on every employee can share files and whoever need it, can easily access them at any time. Or they can seamlessly work together on the same document online.

Suitable office solution

With ONLYOFFICE, FIAB Pescarabici Association has created a single workspace where everyone can share and follow the company’s activities. The team finds these characteristics as the most useful:

  • flexibility of the solution that fits all the needs of the association;
  • use of ONLYOFFICE as a substitute to MS Office;
  • accessibility and work on the documents on every device at any time;
  • possible extension of team’s productivity with third-party services.

The association would recommend use of ONLYOFFICE to other partners and companies. Filippo Catania says:

Definitely it’s another way to work quickly and easily, which results in higher efficiency, and last but not the least, in satisfaction of the whole team.