How PT. TODICO organizes secure and effective paperwork with ONLYOFFICE Workspace

17 June 2021By Ksenija

Today we are introducing PT. TODICO, an oil and gas industry contractor, that successfully implemented self-hosted ONLYOFFICE Workspace in their everyday workflow. Antonius Nata, a company director, talks about his team’s experience.
How PT. TODICO organizes secure and effective paperwork with ONLYOFFICE Workspace


PT. TODICO is a mechanical contractor and supplier for oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Their services include engineering, procurement, and fabrication of various equipment parts as well as its maintenance in oil refinery.

Since their customers constantly improve the refinery certification, the company has to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. Currently, around 75 employees work at PT. TODICO and each of them is responsible for documentation and invoices to be submitted to office.

Todico PT Team
PT. TODICO team. Image source:


PT. TODICO was looking for a platform for document sharing and collaboration that would allow employees to easily work with documentation, including engineering drawings, SOP modules, MDR reports, HSE reports, and invoices.

When the company launched ONLYOFFICE Workspace, they started to work much more efficiently: without time-consuming file exchange via email or versioning mess.

Now, every employee can share their paperwork, and whoever need it, can easily access it at any time. In an urgent jobs, several employees can seamlessly work together on the same file. Once the document is ready and uploaded, the on-site team can start working.

Most needed features

The PT. TODICO stuff finds the following ONLYOFFICE features most useful:

  • collaborative editing of the same document;
  • file versions and revisions;
  • user/group level security access for each document.

As Antonius Nata explains, ONLYOFFICE is a secure storage for all their documentation. If any workstation is down because of viruses or something like that, they can easily switch to another computer or laptop and continue work in their cloud with no need to worry about all those local files.

For sensitive files and folders (such as project budgeting), they can restrict access for any user or group.

We are only a small project-based company, but yet we now realize that we do not want to go back to the dark ages (without ONLYOFFICE).