How ONLYOFFICE integrated with Jalios helps Accoord to organize learning activities

27 May 2021By Mary

In this use case, we will show you how Accoord deployed a secure collaborative environment based on Jalios and ONLYOFFICE Docs to help its distributed teams communicate and be more productive.

Comment ONLYOFFICE intégré avec Jalios aide l’Accoord à organiser ses activités éducatives en présentiel et à distance

About Accoord

Accoord is an education association created in 1985. Based in Nantes, Accoord manages 29 leisure-time centers for children, 17 activity spaces for teenagers (11/15 years), and 20 socio-cultural centers. Accoord also offers student mobility opportunities with 50 exchange programs in France and abroad.

Accoord has 850 permanent employees and over 1,100 employees during peak periods.


Accoord has 2 data centers and over 60 offices. To manage the distributed team, the association deployed collaborative intranet based on Jalios. It is available for both internal and external users. This solution considerably improved online communication and workflow, but it lacked online editing and co-editing tools.

As for document editing, 700 machines were equipped with MS Office suite. The most commonly used tools were Outlook, Word, and Excel. However, the main needs, which have grown during pandemic, were still not fully covered:

  • sharing documents online with internal and external users;
  • gathering around the same document to discuss all necessary adjustments and make real-time changes;
  • centralizing data in secure spaces and keeping full control over them.

To tackle these concerns, Accoord conducted a comparative study of web-based collaborative solutions such as Google Docs, Microsoft 365, Collabora Online, and ONLYOFFICE.

The ONLYOFFICE suite proved to be more convenient for the following reasons:

  • intuitive user interface,
  • high compatibility with the formats of existing files,
  • transparent pricing model,
  • smooth integration with Jalios which is widely used by employees.

Implementing ONLYOFFICE

To explore all available features, Accoord launched ONLYOFFICE Workspace in the cloud for 44 users.

After a test phase, they switched to ONLYOFFICE Docs and integrated the suite into the existing Jalios environment. Now, Accoord’s employees can work on documents right inside their collaborative intranet.

Comment ONLYOFFICE intégré avec Jalios aide l’Accord à organiser ses activités éducatives en présentiel et à distance

First positive results

The Accoord team started trying ONLYOFFICE Workspace during a quarantine period. Remote users highly appreciated task management tools and a knowledge base.

As for online editors, managing different versions of a document and reviewing remain the most popular features, and XLSX is the most widely used file format.

Vincent Corrèze, CIO at Accoord, explains:

With over 60 locations throughout the region of Nantes and the shift to remote work, the need for management and coordination became crucial for us. Thanks to ONLYOFFICE, we found an easy-to-deploy solution that allows transparently sharing information. As a result, we had a significant increase in performance: now we don’t need to send documents by mail having multiple copies on different computers.

For now, the integration ONLYOFFICE-Jalios is fully operational with 800 active accounts. What’s more, employees are migrating to ONLYOFFICE Desktop editors to work with local files on their computers.