ONLYOFFICE worldwide agents: Converged Open Systems

8 April 2021By Ksenija

Meet Converged Open Systems, Inc. (COS), our brand new partner and reseller from Japan which provides software and IT consulting for major Japanese companies.

ONLYOFFICE worldwide agents: Converged Open Systems

About COS

COS was founded in March 2012 by Ryosuke Saigawa. It converges open and standard information technology products to create and deliver truly valuable computer systems to its customers.

The main focus areas are software and IT consulting. COS delivers cloud an edge computing software like Google Workspace, Salesforce,  Wrike, HP & HPE hardware, ubuntu, GCP, AWS and etc to SMBs in Tokyo. They also practice integration of OSS (open source software) and specialize in IaaS like AWS and GCP and on-premise like HPE.

When it comes to IT assitance, COS dispatches IT consultants to some major Japanese companies to assist them in building effective working environments.

Present and future with ONLYOFFICE

In search for a reliable alternative to MS Office for company’s customers, Ryosuke found ONLYOFFICE.

Two main reasons to opt for our solutions were the ability to deploy them on-premises which is a great advantage from security perspective, and the way ONLYOFFICE interface looks and feels.

Ryosuke Saigawa, CEO of COS, about the perspective of our partnership:

I really believe we can reach a future together where people can work productively and lively without spending money on worthless things, worrying about information security threats, and suffering any disadvantage.

COS is planning to release a PC on Ubuntu as its very own hardware product and make ONLYOFFICE part of it’s built-in software.