How Czech TV replaced Google Docs and MS Office with ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud

6 April 2021By Ksenija

In this article, Mrs. Šárka Francová, Head of Promotion and Marketing at Czech TV, talks about their experience of using ONLYOFFICE Docs provided by our Czech partner Denevy.
How Czech TV replaced Google Docs and MS Office with ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud

About Czech TV

Czech TV is a public television broadcaster in the Czech Republic since 1992.

Czech TV comprises seven channels intended for various age and interest groups. Among the programs are news, documentaries, family-oriented shows, cartoons for kids, Czech and foreign movies, sports content , etc.

Currently, around 3,500 employees work at Czech Television.

Image source: Česká televize – Dagmar Vyhnálková,


Czech TV was looking for a solution to edit documents online on their ownCloud server. They tested Collabora at first, but found ONLYOFFICE more stable and user-friendly.

For now, the ONLYOFFICE Docs instance is connected to ownCloud, which is used by more than 100 employees.

Our goal is to partly cancel Google subscription and move users who do not need full Microsoft Office functionality to ONLYOFFICE.

Most needed features

With ONLYOFFICE, the Czech TV staff is able to edit documents right in the browser on all possible devices. They find the following features most useful:

  • Collaborative editing of the same document by multiple users.
  • Tracking changes in the document.
  • Available applications for mobile devices.

According to Mrs. Francová, they would definitely recommend ONLYOFFICE to other users and organizations.