How to connect your Gmail account to ONLYOFFICE Mail

24 February 2021By Nadya

If you want to connect a third-party account to ONLYOFFICE Mail, generally it’s enough to specify your address and password. But when it comes to Google, you’ll need to do one more thing.

How to connect your Gmail account to ONLYOFFICE Mail

Connecting existing email accounts

To gather all your correspondence in one place, you can connect your existing email accounts to ONLYOFFICE. The first steps are the same no matter what service you want to use:

  • In ONLYOFFICE Mail, find Settings -> Account management.
  • Click Add new account.
  • Specify email address.
  • Check advanced settings if you need to. Default parameters for the most popular mail services are automatically detected, so you don’t have to insert them manually.
  • The latest step is rather obvious. It will work for the majority of services, except for Google.

  • Specify your password and click Add account.

Getting the right password for Gmail

Google prevents 3rd party aggregators such as ONLYOFFICE from using the principal account password for security reasons. This means you’ll need to generate a new password for ONLYOFFICE to access your emails:

  • Open
  • Click Security.
  • In Signing in to Google section, turn 2-step verification on if it’s not enabled.
  • Go to App Passwords.
  • In Select app choose ‘mail’, then specify the device you use in Select device and click Generate.
  • Use the generated password instead of the password of your Gmail account when connecting it to ONLYOFFICE.