How members of the Brot des Lebens community collaborate online effectively with ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud

4 February 2021By Ksenija

Today we present a story of the Brot des Lebens (Bread of life) community where ONLYOFFICE Docs – Nextcloud combo is used to ensure effective online collaboration. Jakob Röhrl, administrator of the community, shares his team’s experience.
How members of the Brot des Lebens community collaborate online effectively with ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud

About the Brot des Lebens community

The catholic charismatic community “Brot des Lebens” was founded in 1980 when members of two different prayer groups decided to unite.

Currently, the community consists of around 30 adults and 20 children from the Munich region, Germany, who usually meet once a week for a “worship evening” in the Olching parish house, together with guests who are always welcome.

Since the community members not only want to come together to pray, they usually also meet in different places in smaller groups – to exchange their everyday worries and needs, to discuss Bible, to encourage each other, etc.


At the Brot des Lebens community, Nextcloud is used as a central data storage. Most of the files are MS Office documents. Community members need to open and edit these docs on all possible devices.

ONLYOFFICE was chosen among possible office integrations for Nextcloud: 100% compatibility with MS Office formats and mobile integration into the Nextcloud app convinced the community members.

Most needed features

With ONLYOFFICE, each member can access and work on all documents on any device at any time. Spreadsheets are also used to collect survey results, registration forms and other data from the members and make it available centrally.

The Brot des Lebens members find the following ONLYOFFICE features most useful:

  • editing of Office documents in the browser directly in Nextcloud;
  • mobile editing of Office documents;
  • using MS Office on PC and ONLYOFFICE on mobile devices via Nextcloud without data loss or incorrect display.

Jakob Röhrl:

I recommend ONLYOFFICE as the best office integration for Nextcloud to open and edit MS Office documents on all devices.