How DENEVY implemented ONLYOFFICE within Online Kancelář

19 February 2021By Vlad

In this use case we‘ll tell you about Czech developer company DENEVY and their solution Online Kancelář based on ONLYOFFICE for efficient data management, collaboration and communication.
How DENEVY implemented ONLYOFFICE within Online Kancelář


DENEVY is a young and dynamic tech company from Prague, Czech Republic. DENEVY focuses strongly on information technologies in banking, telecommunications and public administration sectors, serving mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Their primary philosophy is to spread smart solutions to surrounding business environment, simplify work and lives of users.

The company takes part in various European associations together with Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, promoting cloud service implementations in various environments including educational programs in high schools and universities.

How Online Kancelář meets office collaboration needs

Online Kancelář offers all essential office activities — apps for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, sharing and communication within the team using email and voice calls. The new product is a direct response to this year’s changes in the organization of work.
How DENEVY implemented ONLYOFFICE within Online Kancelář

Based on ONLYOFFICE, Online Kancelář includes several modules:

  • Documents
  • Projects
  • CRM
  • Mail
  • People
  • Community
  • Chat
  • Voice (app for making audio calls)

How DENEVY implemented ONLYOFFICE within Online Kancelář
How DENEVY implemented ONLYOFFICE within Online Kancelář
With all these tools users are able to securely work on their files, send them in a couple of clicks, regulate access, organize work and appoint meetings. Control Panel makes administration and configuration easy and clear. The product aims at small and mid-sized businesses, both public and private companies, but is also suitable for individuals.


According to Gabriel Tkáč from DENEVY, they decided for ONLYOFFICE, because it is a proven cloud-based online office solution with a reliable customer support. Also, perfect value for money spoke for ONLYOFFICE as a core of the new online office solution.

Andrej Hyben, CEO at DENEVY s.r.o., emphasizes the importance of apps connected into a united ecosystem:

In Online Kancelář all apps are interconnected. That is what we focused on and what makes our solution different from other office software.