ONLYOFFICE Docs integration in FileBlog

20 January 2021By Ksenija

Teppi Technology, a Japanese developer of file sharing and search systems, has integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs in the enterprise search engine called FileBlog. Read more about this integration and have a peek in the FileBlog demo in this article.

ONLYOFFICE Docs integration in FileBlog

About FileBlog

FileBlog is a content management system, or rather an enterprise search engine, developed by Teppi Technology since 2007. Unlike other CMS solutions, FileBlog doesn’t include its own file database and user management components, making it a unique niche solution.

FileBlog gives you a Windows Explorer-like GUI on web browsers to search and browse your documents and other files. It is packaged for Windows Server and usually deployed together with Active Directory database on Windows FileShare (NTFS formatted) storage.


ONLYOFFICE brings online editing to FileBlog, naturally expanding the file browser functionality and helping distributed teams work on their work documents remotely with ease.

ONLYOFFICE Docs integration in FileBlog

FileBlog with ONLYOFFICE Docs is a package software that is installed in the customer’s environment, which means users get remote access to their files while keeping the data in-house. It is possible to additionally protect your files by prohibiting printing and downloading.

Kunikazu Okada, Teppi Technology:

We’ve been selling FileBlog for 13 years, to 500 companies, and 80% of our users are using FileBlog as Enterprise Search Engine for Read Only. But I believe that more and more users would want it for remote document editing. That’s why we start developing integration with ONLYOFFICE. In the Japanese market, most enterprise users tend to stick to desktop Microsoft products, but I see there’s a chance for us because this COVID-19 forced many companies to remote working.

If you wish to see how FileBlog and ONLYOFFICE Docs work together, check out a demo instance of FileBlog with editors installed. To open a file with ONLYOFFICE Docs, right-click on the file and choose “Open with ONLYOFFICE”. Mind that the demo files can be opened only for viewing.

Have you ever tried using ONLYOFFICE in FileBlog? Give your opinion below, or tweet us at @only_office.