Easily manage your ONLYOFFICE users and accounts via Youzer

15 January 2021By Mary

Discover how the integration of the ONLYOFFICE suite with the Youzer platform helps companies centralize and manage users’ accounts and accesses to their resources.

Comment gérer les utilisateurs ONLYOFFICE via la plateforme Youzer

About Youzer

Youzer is a user management platform which allows IT and HR departments to coordinate employee onboarding and off-boarding procedures, secure the whole network, manage all accounts (active, suspended, etc.), licenses, groups across the organization, employees’ life cycle and users’ access rights.

Youzer users are able to connect all their third party applications (SaaS or on-premises software) to the Youzer platform to have full visibility over all their tools and users assigned to them. To make it possible, the developers of Youzer created special integration apps for software offering their API and the universal connector for the apps that can’t be connected via API.

Boost your ONLYOFFICE user management with Youzer platform

As many of Youzer’s clients make use of the ONLYOFFICE suite in the daily work routine, it was logical to offer them the ONLYOFFICE connector for Youzer to bring these services together.

Comment gérer les utilisateurs ONLYOFFICE via la plateforme Youzer
The ONLYOFFICE connector in the Youzer library

The organizations use the ONLYOFFICE connector to centralize and manage their users’ accounts. Thanks to the integration with other services such as Human Resources Information System and Active Directory, new employees get an ONLYOFFICE account automatically upon arrival. It helps both:

  • IT services equip new users with the right tools, identify unused accounts, and reduce the risk of fraudulent use;
  • employees feel welcome and adapt to a new workplace.

Once Youzer and ONLYOFFICE are connected, the IT services are able to see a whole list of users assigned to the app:

Comment gérer les utilisateurs ONLYOFFICE via la plateforme Youzer

It is also possible to display the list of tools assigned to a specific user:

Comment gérer les utilisateurs ONLYOFFICE via la plateforme Youzer

François Poulet, CEO at Youzer, explains how this integration streamlines companies’ human resource management:

Our clients are glad to have an overall vision of users, accounts, and available apps and to manage them via a single platform. This integration allows them to centralize accesses to the company’s resources, easily notify HR and IT teams, automate, supervise, delegate, and gain security.