ONLYOFFICE 2020: Year in review

30 December 2020By Ksenija

2020 was a real challenge for everyone, and ONLYOFFICE is not an exception. However, it also happened to be extremely fruitful in achievements for us, and in new features and solutions we released for our users. Here is our biref recap.

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Before we do a recap of how our products have grown and advanced over this year, watch the exciting story about ONLYOFFICE in 2020:

New products

Most of our products were rebranded to make it easier to refer to and systematize their editions:

ONLYOFFICE Docs – online editors that come in free Community Edition for small teams, Enterprise Edition for professional use, and Developer Edition for developers.

ONLYOFFICE Groups – collaboration platform with productivity and communication tools now released under Apache license, so everyone can use, modify and distribute it freely. ONLYOFFICE Groups also includes Control Canel that became available for free to all users.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace – a full-stack office for enterprises that combines Docs and Groups.

This year we also introduced ONLYOFFICE Docs Home Server, a professional collaborative suite for integration for non-commercial use that features all the advanced functionality previously available only in business solutions.

New features in the editors

This year we released lots of handy and long-awaited features, making one major release round from version 5 to version 6 and forward. #WhatsNew this year:

Document editor:

  • Document Comparison;
  • New types of content controls: combo boxes, check boxes, drop-down lists, dates, pictures;
  • Mirror and Gutter margins;
  • Object captions;
  • Endnotes;
  • Cross-references;
  • Line counting;
  • New bibliography plugins: Mendeley and Zotero.

Spreadsheet editor:

  • Pivot tables;
  • Sheet Views;
  • Conditional formatting for viewing;
  • Custom filtering and sorting;
  • Slicers for formatted tables
  • Removing duplicates.

All editors:

  • New convenient chart data manager;
  • Automatic macros running;
  • Autocorrect options for symbols and formulas;
  • Improved localization for Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Swedish;
  • And numerous improvements of existing functionality and performance all across the suite.

Even more security

The torchbearer of this year’s new features is Private Rooms, a new end-to-end encryption engine that allows securely storing, editing and collaborating on sensitive documents while keeping the data encrypted down to the last byte.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace came with encryption-at-rest functionality that allows encrypting the all data on your disk using the unbreakable scheme that deals with robust amounts in data rapidly.

With new improvements and updates on security side, ONLYOFFICE became a solution that makes you fully compliant with HIPAA in terms of data protection. Our solutions are also compatible with ISO 27001 and HDS security standards.

New integrations

Three amazing open-source platforms obtained integration apps for ONLYOFFICE to enable powerful editing and collaboration on documents to its users:

  • OpenOlat, an e-learning platform developed by frentix;
  • Nuxeo, a world-lcass ECM and DAM;
  • Plone, a CMS built on top of Zope.

App directory

We lauched App Directory, a hub for third-party services and plugins that can be used within ONLYOFFICE to improve the functionality of Docs and Workspace. Feel free to contact us if you want to contribute the apps you developed and publish them in our marketplace.

Amplifying contributor activities

Speaking about contributions, this year we made a never before seen effort to bring our community together to help test, develop, translate, document and promote ONLYOFFICE. If you want to join the initiative and get rewarded, the program is very much open:

Do you have some good experience with ONLYOFFICE you want to share with our users and community? Tell us your story and make it heard.

Collaboration in 2020: a mini survey by ONLYOFFICE

We surveyed our users and community about how remote work experience in 2020, what tools they used to perform their collaborative tasks remotely, and what they expect from collaborative software in the future.

See a summary of the results and some peculiar findings we picked in the recent blog article.