How ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated into Nextcloud enables online document editing and collaboration for government officials in Laos

17 December 2020 By Sergey 0 708

In this article, we are going to tell you about a Laos-based IT company called SB LAB 856 Co., Ltd that created a collaborative environment for Laotian ministries and government agencies by integrating ONLYOFFICE Docs into Nextcloud. Keep reading to find out more.
How ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated into Nextcloud enables online document editing and collaboration for government officials in Laos

About SB LAB 856

SB LAB 856 is a solution provider and digital transformation enabler from Laos with headquarters in Vientiane. Established in 2011, it specializes in bringing the most suitable technology to enhance its clients’ operational efficiency and business continuity. The company’s mission is to be the best solution provider for organizations that see their future in a digital age.

With a team of 25 experienced developers, SB LAB 856 is part of the Laos Digital 4.0 program aimed at helping the country to develop key software products, such as eKYC, digital signature, office automation and G-Share (which includes Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE) and provide Lao government agencies and ministries with free digital solutions.

Key problems of the Lao government IT infrastructure

Laos is a developing country, and the existing IT infrastructure of its government comes up against three main problems:

  • no effective file sharing because all types of government documents are usually kept on personal PCs or USB drives;
  • lack of real-time collaboration among government officials across the organization;
  • unavailability of document editing on mobile devices.

As a software provider officially trusted by the government, SB LAB 856 uses ONLYOFFICE to handle these challenges by providing government agencies and ministries with cloud-based document storage, online document editing and real-time co-editing capabilities.


Under the conditions of a limited government budget, SB LAB 856 had to be creative in finding the best software solution which should have a good reputation within the community, be cost-effective, easy to deploy, easy to use and, importantly, compatible with the existing user preferences.

With these requirements in mind, the company considered such solutions as ownCloud, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Hancom Office, etc. Eventually, they all were rejected, and the choice was made in favour of ONLYOFFICE because it complies with the requirements and is highly compatible with the Phetsarath font, which is widely used in Laos. Moreover, ONLYOFFICE is a good Microsoft Office replacement.

How ONLYOFFICE makes things better

The Nextcloud/ONLYOFFICE combo solution implemented by SB LAB 856 allows government officials to have secure cloud-based storage with real-time editing and collaboration features. The solution can be used both for personal and service purposes and is available for free to the government staff.

Now government officials can easily share files with a couple of clicks as well as create, edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time without having to install any additional software or switch between different apps. All the required features are available via a single interface.

Currently, SB LAB 856 deploys ONLYOFFICE with English GUI and plans to launch a localized version for government officials in remote areas where English is rarely spoken. Moreover, the company intends to localize the desktop application to make it available in areas where access to the Internet is limited.

Anoloth Phanvongsa from SB LAB 856 says:

In Laos, where the IT budget is so limited in the government sector, ONLYOFFICE allows officials to collaborate more anywhere anytime. Truly Microsoft Office alternative.

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