How SmartLynx Airlines deployed ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated with Seafile for secure online document collaboration

26 November 2020By Sergey

SmartLynx Airlines, a Latvia-based airline company, has recently created a collaborative environment by integrating ONLYOFFICE Docs into Seafile to help its employees share and work on documents securely. Keep reading to find out more.
How SmartLynx Airlines deployed ONLYOFFICE Docs integrated with Seafile for secure online document collaboration

About SmartLynx Airlines

SmartLynx Airlines is an EU-based airline with headquarters in Riga, Latvia and two subsidiaries in Estonia and Malta. The company specializes in full-service ACMI aircraft lease services and is an acknowledged ACMI provider in the EU on Airbus A320 aircraft.

SmartLynx Airlines ensures full charter operation in its home markets – Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. The company also performs flight crew training – SmartLynx Training Centre is a respected and approved airline pilot training company in the Baltic States providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series.


Crises like the Covid-19 pandemic highlight the importance of effective collaboration real-time. Most of SmartLynx employees are working remotely now and they need to stay on the same page with other team members while collaborating and sharing information in a very secure way.

As an “in-house” oriented company with a focus on its own IT development and infrastructure, SmartLynx has been using Seafile for storing and sharing files for a long time. They have decided to implement ONLYOFFICE Docs for online document, spreadsheet, and presentation editing and collaboration because both tools in the combo are open-source and can be deployed on the local network, which is really important for SmartLynx Airlines.

According to Ogorodnikovs, IT Manager at SmartLynx, ONLYOFFICE Docs is a lucky find for the company:

We’ve been using SharePoint and Web Apps for some time. However, they had poor functionality, especially when working with excel online. As Seafile users, we’ve got the info from the community that ONLYOFFICE is the best plugin for online document collaboration. We really like Seafile functionality and performance, so we believe that the new plugin will bring us to a new level of collaboration.

How ONLYOFFICE Docs changes the old habits for the better

SmartLynx Airlines has implemented ONLYOFFICE Docs to increase productivity by changing the old habit of emailing documents back and forth with each new revision and improving security by preventing unsafe document sharing.

Now all document sharing and co-editing processes among SmartLynx employees and between the team and external users (e.g. customers and clients) are performed by means of ONLYOFFICE-Seafile combo.

Aleksejs Ogorodnikovs concludes:

We are still at the very beginning of our journey, but we feel optimistic.