ONLYOFFICE web conference for German-speaking schools and universities: how it was

29 October 2020By Vlad

Hello everyone!

Recently we‘ve held a live session on implementation of ONLYOFFICE in educational institutions (in German). In this article we make a short summary of the event, the recording is also available here.

ONLYOFFICE web conference for German-speaking schools and universities: how it was

Preceded by the ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020, the latest conference took place on YouTube and aimed at demonstrating attractive points of ONLYOFFICE to German-speaking educational institutions and a deep dive into the new product portfolio.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video of the conference, you can easily go to the topic you’re mostly interested in by clicking on timecodes:

  1. ONLYOFFICE Docs in education: new challenges and possibilities 2020 by Galina Goduhina (8:00)
  2. Seamless collaboration on documents within your learning platform by Victoria Vikhareva (41:38)
  3. ONLYOFFICE implementation in high schools of North Rhine-Westphalia via sciebo by Holger Angenent (56:58)
  4. ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile apps by Artyom Averbakh (1:26:35)
  5. IT professionalization for schools by Nico Gulden from Univention (1:40:55)
  6. Organizing collaborative work in class with ONLYOFFICE Workspace by Vladislav Bakhtyurin (3:20:50)
  7. Project and document management in research and teaching during the pandemic by Torsten Casselt from the Leibniz University Hannover (3:38:02)
  8. Roadmap and strategy of ONLYOFFICE by Kseniya Fedoruk (4:03:50)

During the event speakers obtained lots of thought-provoking and relevant questions in real time. Here are the most common inquiries and answers to them:
Q: Can you please tell when you’ll add the full support of conditional formatting for editing?

A: As you know, currently ONLYOFFICE supports conditional formatting for viewing only. But I hope that editing will also be available in one of the releases next year.


Q: Are there tools for reference management in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors?

A: You can create references using plugins like Mendeley or Zotero in the online version, while in the desktop app Zotero will be available in the upcoming versions only.


Q: Private Rooms — what does this mean?

A: Briefly, all data in Private Rooms are encrypted on your machine, send to the server in the encrypted form and then decrypted on the machine of the addressee. The main idea is that these data can only be opened by your private key obtained by login in the cloud.


Q: I collaborate a lot with healthcare institutions. Data security requirements are extremely high, GDPR compliance is necessary. Where are servers located and what do you do for data protection?

A: In Control Panel of ONLYOFFICE Workspace you can enable encryption for all your data on the portal. If you deploy ONLYOFFICE within your own infrastructure all files will be saved on your server and you’ll have full control over them. The whole list of security measures in ONLYOFFICE is available on this page.


Q: I use the Community version of Document Server in Nextcloud. Was the issue with saving documents in Nextcloud solved?

A: Community Server was developed by the Nextcloud team, so I‘m afraid we can‘t help you here. Try integrating free ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition with Nextcloud using official ONLYOFFICE connector or test commercial ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition 30 days for free.


Q: The Community version has the limit of 20 parallel connections. Will the license renewed or suspended after finishing session?

A: Yes, the free open-source version of ONLYOFFICE Docs has limitations of 20 connections, but when the session is over you can start editing a new document with the same maximum of 20 connections. The license won’t be suspended.


Q: Do you plan to add hyphenation?

A: Unfortunately automatic hyphenation is not expected in the near future due to certain technical difficulties. But manual hyphenation is in our roadmap, though exact dates are still unknown.


Q: Does ONLYOFFICE function well on iOS and iPadOS?

A: Sure, our apps function well and we increase the set of features with every new release and update. But if you still faced any issues please contact our support team at


Thank you for such generous feedback — if you still have something to tell us, always feel free to reach out on our social media!


We hope this live session was informative to all participants and viewers. Don‘t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the know about all upcoming videos and webinars!