ONLYOFFICE desktop editors v6.0 with pivot tables

15 October 2020By Nadya

All the new features, including pivot tables, slicers, and support for Private Rooms are now available in the desktop version of our editors for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Download it now or go on reading to learn more.

ONLYOFFICE desktop editors v6.0 with pivot tables

Big updates for spreadsheets

  • Pivot tables: help you analyze data and find patterns summarizing and reorganizing it.
  • Conditional formatting for viewing: allows you to visually explore data, detect issues, and identify trends.
  • Slicers for formatted tables: help you indicate the filtering state to understand what data is currently displayed.
  • Removing duplicates: lets you permanently delete unnecessary values.
  • Other improvements: new hotkeys, drag and drop for moving worksheets from one workbook to another, internal links for named ranges, quick search via function name, printing titles, and more.

ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.0 with big updates for spreadsheets

Improvements in documents and presentations

  • In document editor: inserting current date and time, viewing endnotes, adaptive quotes for different languages.
  • In all editors: autorun for macros, autocorrect settings for equations, inserting special characters such as em dash/en dash, AutoFit settings for shapes, and more.

The full changelog is available on GitHub.

Detailed information and links to instructions can be found in this post.

Specific fixes you asked for

  • Blocking files opened in other apps. You won’t be able to edit a document if it’s opened in another app to avoid conflicts. Such a file can be opened in ONLYOFFICE Desktop for viewing only. Alternatively, you will be able to create a copy and edit it.

    Blocking such files has not been implemented for macOS. This feature will be available soon

  • Interface scaling for 100% and 200%.

Using desktop editors to access Private rooms with e2e encryption

In the new version of ONLYOFFICE Workspace, we added the ability to collaborate on encrypted documents in Private Rooms.

Private rooms are protected workplaces where every symbol you type is encrypted using the unbreakable AES-256 algorithm, even if you are co-editing documents with your teammates in real-time.

Private rooms can only be accessed using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors (and only after your admin enabled this option in Control Panel:

  1. Connect the desktop application to the ONLYOFFICE instance in the Connect to cloud section.

    Desktop editors v6.0 with pivot tables and access to e2e encryption

  2. Go to the Private Room section and start editing and co-editing your documents privately.

Also, the enterprise users can access pro features, including document comparison and adding content controls from the desktop. Learn more

Download the new version now! The exe, deb, rpm builds are available on our official website. Snap, Flatpak, and AppImage will be ready soon.


Let us know what you think about v6.0 of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors in the comment section below or tweet to us.

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