Join ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020: check the new versions, meet our team, ask your questions and get Enterprise version for free

13 October 2020By Nadya

Hello everyone!

We are happy to invite you to ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020 — a series of online presentations, workshops, and social media activities to introduce big updates in the ONLYOFFICE product line.

Each day from October 15 to October 22 you can watch our videos, take part in workshops, ask your questions, and get a chance to obtain the Enterprise version of ONLYOFFICE Docs for free.

Join ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020

About ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020

Yes, we’ve just invented this format!

We have a lot of news to tell and so many features to show, that they just won’t fit into one talk or webinar, so here we are, inviting you to spend the whole week with us.

You can take part in all the activities or choose the most interesting ones.

How to join

Just subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell button to get notified about the events.

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If you want to get notified by our team, register via email specifying your name.

Welcome day. October 15 at 10:00 AM UTC

Video presentations for those excited to learn about ONLYOFFICE new products and those who are new to our project:

  • Big Updates of 2020 by Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales,
  • ONLYOFFICE Docs by Mikhail,
  • ONLYOFFICE Groups by Kseniya,
  • ONLYOFFICE Workspace by Vlad,
  • ONLYOFFICE Apps by Sergey.

Notes: You are welcome to leave your questions while you watch presentations on YouTube. We will answer all of them in a special Q&A session. The authors of the best questions will get presents from our team.

ONLYOFFICE-Nuxeo integration (workshop in French). October 15 at 8:30 AM UTC

A live workshop on ONLYOFFICE-Nuxeo integration by Maria Paskina from ONLYOFFICE team and Grégory Carlin, Platform Advocate & DPO, Nuxeo:

  • Discover the ONLYOFFICE connector for Nuxeo and create an efficient collaborative environment based on the Nuxeo Platform.
  • Learn how to co-edit your documents in real-time within the Nuxeo content management system.

Notes: Register for it here or watch a live stream on YouTube.

You can send us your question beforehand during the registration process or leave them in comments on YouTube during the live stream.

Encryption in ONLYOFFICE: presentation & workshop. October 16 at 12:00 PM UTC

A presentation on security in ONLYOFFICE and a workshop on using Private Rooms, where every symbol you type is encrypted, by Mikhail Korotaev, Senior Communications Manager.

Notes: you are welcome with your questions, the best of them will be rewarded!

Social media days. October 17-18

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for:

  • special giveaways,
  • exclusive info on the new versions.

Notes: you can also leave your questions that will be answered during our Q&A session. Please use hashtags #AskONLYOFFICE and #ONLYOFFICE2020 – the best questions will be awarded!

ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.0 workshop + editors on AWS presentation. October 19 on 12:00 PM UTC

#1: A live stream on YouTube on how to use the newly released features, including pivot tables, by Alina Krivosheeva, our Support Manager.

#2: Powerful office collaboration on your AWS cloud presentation by Leo Shrayber.

Notes: You will be able to ask your questions and try the new version yourself online. The authors of the best questions will get presents from our team.

Please note that the webinar on ONLYOFFICE Docs on October, 13 is canceled.

ONLYOFFICE v11 workshop. October 20 at 12:00 PM UTC

A live stream on making the most of our collaboration platform updates, including

  • new features in Control Panel,
  • using Telegram for notifications,
  • spreadsheet filtering permission,
  • and more.

Notes: best questions won’t be left without rewards : )

Quality control in open source product + Q&A session. October 21

#1: a presentation by Pavel Lobashov, Lead QA Automation Engineer, on how we handle support for all platforms and collaborate with the community.

When: at 10:00 AM UTC.

#2: Q&A session with ONLYOFFICE leading developers, QA, support, and sales team during which we will answer all of your questions and will reward the authors of the best ones.

When: at 12:00 PM UTC.

Integration with Nextcloud workshop. October 22 at 12:00 PM UTC

A live stream on how to use the latest enhancements in ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration, including Force Save and Version history. Held by Mikhail Korotaev, Senior Communications Manager at ONLYOFFICE, and Sascha Wiswedel, Senior Sales Engineer at Nextcloud.

If you have any questions, use the comments below or tweet to us.