Introducing ONLYOFFICE Workspace: zooming in on security

15 October 2020By Nadya


We are happy to introduce you to a new self-hosted solution — ONLYOFFICE Workspace for organizing all business processes online, while securely collaborating on office documents within the internal enterprise infrastructure.

Introducing ONLYOFFICE Workspace: zooming in on security

About ONLYOFFICE Workspace

The solution includes:

  • ONLYOFFICE Docs, professional online editors for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • ONLYOFFICE Groups, tools to manage your company’s documentation, projects, contacts, and emails.
  • ONLYOFFICE Mail Server, a solution to create corporate mailboxes and manage them.
  • ONLYOFFICE XMPP Server, an app to exchange instant messages.

Combining professional editing and productivity tools, ONLYOFFICE Workspace brings a full-featured alternative to both MS Office and G Suite, but with a focus on privacy and security.

Private rooms to protect collaboration

To help protect companies’ sensitive information, ONLYOFFICE Workspace provides end-to-end encryption of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations via the Private Room feature.

Private Rooms are protected workplaces where every symbol you type is encrypted using the unbreakable AES-256 algorithm, even if you are co-editing documents with your teammates in real-time.

To start with Private Rooms:

  1. Enable Private Rooms in the Portal Settings of the Control Panel.
  2. Download the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.
  3. Connect it to your enterprise cloud.

Detailed instructions can be found in our Help Center.

Storage encryption

You can protect data at rest against breaches and ensure HIPAA compliance of the team’s services. If the storage encryption option is enabled, all the files stored in ONLYOFFICE will be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard, symmetric block cipher, also known as Rijndael, that encrypt data blocks of 128 bits using symmetric keys of 256 bits.

encrypt data at rest onlyoffice

Read detailed instructions in our Help Center.

Custom filter: secure spreadsheet co-editing

Custom Filter allows hiding the data you don’t want to show before sharing your spreadsheet. In other words, users won’t be able to change the filter you’ve applied before sharing your spreadsheet and will be able to work only with the specified fields.

It will also help the teams who have to work on spreadsheets in real-time sorting data. Users with Custom Filter will be able to edit the spreadsheet, but all their actions with the filters won’t distract others during co-editing and will not be saved to the file.

custom filter onlyoffice

Learn more about access rights in Help Center.

Learn more about ONLYOFFICE Workspace and other updates

We are happy to invite you to ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020 — a series of online presentations, workshops, and social media activities to introduce big updates in the ONLYOFFICE product line on October 15 – 22. Learn about the event

Watch the 1st presentation of ONLYOFFICE Workspace now:

If you are interested in Private rooms, don’t miss the workshop on October 16 at 12:00 PM UTC. It will be streamed on our YouTube channel.