Webinar: ONLYOFFICE integration with Nuxeo

3 September 2020By Mary

Hello everyone!

Getting back to work after vacation is the best moment to redesign business processes. Are you wondering how to streamline your teamwork? Join our new webinar to discover the integration of the ONLYOFFICE suite into Nuxeo content management system.

Webinar: ONLYOFFICE integration with Nuxeo

If your team uses Nuxeo Platform to create, store, and collaborate on all kinds of file formats, your colleagues will need to edit and co-edit office documents online without downloading them or switching between multiple apps. You have two options to extend the content management system’s functionality with co-editing features:

  • connect Nuxeo to a third-party cloud collaboration solution,
  • integrate ONLYOFFICE self-hosted editors via the ready-to-use connector developed by our team.
  • If you want to keep full control over data and plan to depoy the collaborative environment, hosted and managed internally, discover the symbiosis of ONLYOFFICE online editors and Nuxeo Platform.

    Webinar date: October 15, at 10:30 AM

    In program:

    • brief overview of ONLYOFFICE features;
    • presentation of Nuxeo Platform;
    • quick guide to ONLYOFFICE-Nuxeo integration: the ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nuxeo; publishing to Nuxeo Marketplace; the ONLYOFFICE suite within Nuxeo environment.

    The webinar will be held in French by:

    • Grégory Carlin, Platform Advocate & DPO, Nuxeo.
    • Maria Pashkina, Communications manager, ONLYOFFICE.

    We look forward to your participation in our upcoming event! To register, send us a request with your name and professional details:

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