Meet ACT Translations, a new member of the ONLYOFFICE contributor community

10 September 2020By Sergey

Great news, everyone!

Not long ago, ACT Translations, a full-service language provider from Germany, joined the ONLYOFFICE contributor community and did a great job to improve our project. Keep reading for more details.
Meet ACT, a new member of the ONLYOFFICE contributor community

ONLYOFFICE and ACT Translations

We are glad to announce that from now on ACT Translations is an official member of the ONLYOFFICE contributor community. Both ONLYOFFICE and ACT Translations have a lot in common: we share similar quality standards and have an objective to gain more visibility in our respective industries.

Moreover, ACT Translations has a positive experience in using ONLYOFFICE solutions. Our online editors integrated with Nextcloud are used within the company to edit documents and collaborate on them in real time. The combined solution also helps the company’s employees exchange and work on documents with external clients.

Anastasia Rylnikov, Consultant SEO/SEA & Creative Services at ACT Translations, says:

We consider ONLYOFFICE an excellent software, user-friendly, well-structured and less complicated than other common applications.

How ACT Translations contributes to the ONLYOFFICE project

ACT Translations fairly contributes to our project by translating materials into German. All translations are carried out within a short time, and all terms and notions are localized precisely.

That is a great experience for ONLYOFFICE, and we are really satisfied with our mutually beneficial collaboration with ACT Translations.

About ACT Translations

ACT Translations is a Germany-based language service provider (LSP) with offices in Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland. ACT Translations has been offering a full range of professional services in more than 30 European and Asian languages, including translation, localization and language expertise, for more than three decades.

The business philosophy of the company is based on a passion for outstanding services and high-quality standards. Excellent quality is of paramount importance to ACT Translations, which is why it is committed to the standards of ISO 9001.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology in the field of translation memory systems and terminology management to ensure consistency and time savings for all translation processes. At ACT Translations, customer data safety is guaranteed owing to SSL encrypted data processing and the most rigorous server security standards.

ACT Translations works with international companies and agencies, both large and small, in all business areas, including Gaming, IT, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Marketing & PR, Logistics and Food Industry.