How to deploy ONLYOFFICE editors on DigitalOcean

17 September 2020By Vlad

Hello everyone!

Recently ONLYOFFICE online editors became available on DigitalOcean as a 1-Click App. Today we’ll see how to install and configure them.

DigitalOcean is basically about fast and simple installation, so let’s start right away:


  1. Step 1. Click Create ONLYOFFICE Editors Droplet. You’ll need to login to your DigitalOcean account or create a new one.
  2. Step 2. Now choose your plan or leave the default one. We recommend 8 GB to run the editors smoothly.

  4. Step 3. If needed, add backups and block storage, choose a data center region closest to your geographic location – this will reduce page load times. Click Create Droplet.

  6. Step 4. Log in to the droplet via SSH ssh root@My_Droplet_IP (the droplet’s IP address expected after ‘@’). Alternatively, you can log in with a root password sent to your email address.
  7. onlyoffice_digitalocean

  8. Step 5. Type in your browser: http://<public IP address>/ to access ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

That’s it – now you can connect the ONLYOFFICE editors to the platform of your choice! Find it in the list of available connectors.

Share us your feedback and experience in the comments below.