ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 5.6 with access to pro features

4 August 2020By Sergey

Great news, everyone!

The new version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is already available. The updated desktop application now has access to some pro features which you can activate and use if you have a paid online version. Keep reading to find out more.

Version 5.6 with pro features

Using pro features in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

With the new version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, you can add some pro features to your desktop application and use them when working with local documents. The pro features are the features which are available in paid online versions (cloud or server), starting from Document Server v.5.5.

At the moment, the following pro features are available for the document editor:

  • Document comparison. This feature allows you to identify changes between two versions of the same document and merge them by accepting the changes. Learn more>>

  • Inserting Content Controls. This feature allows you to create different forms with input fields that can be filled in by other users. You can use such content controls as Plain Text, Rich Text, Picture, Combo box, Drop-down list, Date and Check box. Learn more>>

To activate these pro features, you just need to connect the desktop application to the paid ONLYOFFICE cloud and create a new document or open an existing one. Once activated, they are available both when connecting to the cloud and when working with local files.

Improved interface translations

We have improved German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian translations of the editors’ interface. If you speak one of these languages, now you might find using the desktop editors more convenient.

All this is possible thanks to our contributors who have made a lot of efforts translating ONLYOFFICE into dozens of languages. We really appreciate their contribution.

If you want to help us translate ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors into your own language or improve the existing translation, you can join our Translators Community. Contact us at and let us know what language you are proficient in. We will send you all the instructions in reply.

Read this article to find out more about ONLYOFFICE translation program.

Other changes in version 5.6

The new version of our desktop editors also supports Private Rooms for secure document management and collaboration in real time. The Private Room feature will be available in ONLYOFFICE 11.0 coming soon.

The full changelog of the new version is available on GitHub.

Get ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors for Windows, Mac and Linux (updated deb, rpm, exe and dmg packages are already available; snap, flatpak and appimage will be updated soon):


The source code of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is available on GitHub under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3). If you have technical problems, you can report an issue in the desktop editors’ repository.

Useful links

If you want to compile ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors from the source code, read this article.

If you need a portable version of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, click here for more details.

If you have any questions, use the comments section below or just tweet us at @only_office. Your feedback is always appreciated!