Home Server for students: get self-hosted online editors at half price or even for free

20 August 2020By Nadya

Need collaborative online document editors for a particular group project or your studies in general? ONLYOFFICE Home Server might be the right tool for you.

ONLYOFFICE Home Server for students: get self-hosted online editors at half price or even for free

Get Home Server with 50% discount

ONLYOFFICE Home Server costs $99, but students get it with 50% discount! Contact us at marketing@onlyoffice.com specifying your name and your university to get your discount. The offer is valid until October 1.

You can also start your free 30-day trial to check if Home Server is right for you.

If you have zero-budget

You can get Home Server for free by contributing to ONLYOFFICE:

  • Share your experience with ONLYOFFICE in your blog/university media.
  • Write a story on how you use Home Server for our website.
  • Help translate ONLYOFFICE into your language or proofread the existing translation.

To get ONLYFFICE for free, contact us at documentation@onlyoffice.com.

Do you need Home Server? Yes, if you want privacy

Want to work on your scientific/community project and collaborate with your fellow students privately, without sharing your data with Microsoft, Google, etc? If your answer is yes, you do need Home Server!

Home Server contains self-hosted document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors that you can integrate with most popular file-sharing platforms. So, you can basically build your own private Google Docs, just for your university project!


  • Save money. ONLYOFFICE Home Server is almost free + it integrates with open-source file-sharing platforms, such as ownCloud, Nextcloud, Seafile, ONLYOFFICE platform which you can use without paying anyone.
  • Host it where you need it — at home, on your university private network, or in a reliable cloud of your trusted provider.
  • Exchange files with professors and students who still use MS Office because ONLYOFFICE editors have high compatibility with docx, xlsx, and pptx formats.
  • Work in groups. ONLYOFFICE Home Server allows adding up to 10 users.
  • Use professional editing functionality and work from any device.
  • Collaborate effectively — ONLYOFFICE has real-time co-editing, reviewing, commenting, built-in chat. Watch video

Other ONLYOFFICE apps for education

If you need a free MS Office alternative for Windows, Linux, or macOS, download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

If you want to edit docs on mobile devices, get our free Documents app for iOS or Android.