ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration: How to protect documents with watermark

23 July 2020By Ksenija

ONLYOFFICE integrated in your Nextcloud allows you to insert watermarks into your docs to protect any confidential or sensitive information they might contain. Read on to learn the details.

How to protect ONLYOFFICE documents with watermark in Nextcloud

Activate watermarking

To secure your documents, spreadsheets and presentations by embedding a watermark:

  • log in to your Nextcloud instance as an admin;
  • go to the ONLYOFFICE settings page;
  • scroll down to the Secure view settings section;
  • check the Enable watermarking box.
Adjust watermarking settings

You are able to replace the default watermark text with your own using the supported placeholders {userId} and {date}. These placeholders will be displayed individually for each user when opening a file.

You can also define groups to differentiate users for whom the watermark will be displayed as well as select types of shares where the watermark has to be shown.

Once you are ready, just save the settings.

Good job! Now your documents are protected with a watermark:

Useful links

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If you have any questions or suggestions, use the comment section below or tweet us at @only_office. Your feedback is always appreciated!