ONLYOFFICE joins Nuxeo Marketplace with a new official connector

8 July 2020By Mary

Good news, everyone!

The official ONLYOFFICE connector became the first partner certified add-on on Nuxeo Marketplace. Now Nuxeo Platform users are able to edit and seamlessly collaborate on office documents right inside their content management system. Read this post to learn more.



About Nuxeo

Nuxeo is an open-source project creating world-class solutions for enterprise content management (ECM) and digital asset management (DAM). Nuxeo is focused on delivering a better way of managing all types of enterprise information and building business applications.

Cloud-native and low-code, Nuxeo Platform is deployed by the companies around the world such as Accor, TBWA, Electronic Arts, Leroy Merlin to make their businesses truly agile and future-proof. Founded in 2008, the company is increasing its global presence and spanning three continents now: Europe, North America, and Asia.

Why integrate Nuxeo and ONLYOFFICE

In the day-to-day running, Nuxeo users create, store, and collaborate on all kinds of file formats: office documents, PDF, images, videos, etc. To enable users to edit office documents right inside the content management system, without downloading them or switching between multiple apps, it is necessary to connect Nuxeo to a third-party cloud collaboration solution. It can be a constraint if Nuxeo users don’t want to make use of cloud office suites.

To respond to this need, the ONLYOFFICE developers have decided to create the integration app to connect these services and thus provide Nuxeo users with a self-hosted and feature-rich alternative.

From the idea to Nuxeo Marketplace

Based on their previous experience (examples of connectors are given in the ONLYOFFICE documentation) and inspired by best practices available in the Nuxeo University, our developers got down to work.

After the first internal tests, we submitted the connector and the documentation for review. The Nuxeo team closely examined the code and all other elements, then they tested the add-on to make sure that all the tools perform as they should.

The ONLYOFFICE integration app has achieved the highest level of certification and is available now on Nuxeo Marketplace with all necessary documentation.

How to integrate ONLYOFFICE with Nuxeo

First, you need to install ONLYOFFICE:

Once you have ONLYOFFICE instance running, get ONLYOFFICE connector from Nuxeo Marketplace, then follow the instructions to install and configure it.

ONLYOFFICE within Nuxeo environment

To access the editors’ interface within Nuxeo, just click on the ONLYOFFICE icon in the document menu:

With ONLYOFFICE online editors connected to Nuxeo via the official integration app, you are able to:

  • Create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX.
  • View PDF, ODT, ODS, ODP, DOC, XLS, PPT, CSV, RTF files.
  • Share documents with other users of your platform.
  • Co-edit documents in real-time with two co-editing modes (real-time and paragraph-locking), change tracking, comments, and a built-in chat.

To learn how to install and make the most of ONLYOFFICE editing and co-editing features, watch this tutorial:

Useful links

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