Easy file management and high office productivity with ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud within ASUSTOR NAS

10 July 2020By Vlad

If you need a secure data storage server for content management, seamless document editing and collaboration, you should consider trying ASUSTOR NAS. Owners of this hardware can use ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud to boost their office productivity. Read on to learn more.



ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of network attached storage (NAS), video surveillance (NVS) and related firmware, hardware and applications for home use and companies of any size.

Funded by a Taiwanese big player in electronics ASUS, the brand entered the market in 2011 and proved to be demanded among individuals and businesses giving weight to high-class security. In 2019 PCMag selected their ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 as the best NAS device of the year.

What is a NAS?

A network attached storage (NAS) is a centralized file-level data storage used for backup and secure managing files across different devices in your family/company. It is an indispensable facility if you care about data protection, want to collaborate easily or just need additional storage space.

An ASUSTOR NAS attaches directly to a network allowing users to access and share files from a central location. It can be connected to your local network for private use or to the Internet. In both cases ASUSTOR NAS provides security features such as ADM Defender, HTTPS connections, access permissions configuration, encrypted folders, and antivirus protection that keep your data safe and secure.

ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud setup

ASUSTOR NAS users have an access to App Central – a marketplace with hundreds of apps for various tasks, including ONLYOFFICE Document Server for office productivity and Nextcloud for content management. Follow these steps carefully to get them both installed:

  • Install the Nextcloud instance first and make sure your version is supported (19.0.0 or above).
  • Go to App Central and install ONLYOFFICE Document Server.
  • Download and enable ONLYOFFICE connector in your Nextcloud admin account.
  • onlyoffice_asustor

  • Open File Explorer and go to Docker folder>Nextcloud>config. Download the config.php file.
  • Add this parameter at the end of the file using notepad:
    'allow_local_remote_servers' => true,
  • Upload the file back and go to ONLYOFFICE Server settings. Input your NAS IP address followed by a colon (:) and port number 31080.
  • Open Files and start editing!

Read this detailed step-by-step guide to host your own Nextcloud server in ASUSTOR NAS and edit office documents with ONLYOFFICE.

The docker container of ONLYOFFICE Document Server is now only available as a beta version for ASUSTOR NAS users who need to collaborate on office documents within Nextcloud.

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