The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: year 8

16 June 2020By Ksenija

Let’s dive into 2017, another eventful year in the history of ONLYOFFICE that was especially notable for collaboration with cool open-source projects, enhanced our products with a variety of security tools and brought us the tabbed interface. Read this post to begin your journey.

Year 2017: Important milestones

New integrations. It’s not a secret that ONLYOFFICE editors are a popular tool to integrate in ECM and Sync&Share platforms. ownCloud and Nextcloud are apparently two of the most deeply executed integrations, and their stories with ONLYOFFICE began with the integration apps created in February 2017. Later into the year, the users of SharePoint got a chance to start using ONLYOFFICE within their platforms too, strengthening our status as a neat open alternative to MS Office.

Tabbed interface. ONLYOFFICE editors interface was radically redesigned, bringing not only the new look, but also a lot of room for the new features and easier navigation. Inspired by our own work, we published some insights on Medium about designing ONLYOFFICE.

ONLYOFFICE in marketplaces. This was our year of entry into a number of business software families, namely Univention App Center, Alfresco Add-ons Market, and Atlassian Marketplace. Today, we continue to steadily grow our base of users in each of these.

Powerfolder Congress. We went to Düsseldorf, Germany to meet a crowd of PowerFolder customers and partners on their annual meet-up to outline the fruits of our partnership with the project, present our latest technological achievements and get endlessly inspired by fellow partners and their creations.

Source: PowerFolder

A take on security… We integrated a number of useful third-party tools many of which boosted the security capabilities of ONLYOFFICE. The users got the opportunity to digitally sign documents using DocuSign, obtained Single Sign-On functionality with Shibboleth and got some new ways to use 2FA.

…and some more new apps. Version 9.0 added Twilio service that allows our CRM users to make direct VoIP calls from ONLYOFFICE, while the integration of Firebase that appeared later that year helps never miss a Talk message.

iOS Documents app in all its glory. We released versions 2.0 through 2.2 that each brought some vital perks: from offline work and collaboration to Single Sign-On and decryption support to multi-login.

KIT success story. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology deployed the full featured ONLYOFFICE suite with bwSync&Share based on PowerFolder, after a year of testing. Read an impressive story behind this case in the dedicated post.

Have something to share about year 2017 with ONLYOFFICE? Tell your story via Twitter and tag us. And come back next week for another part of ONLYOFFICE chronicles.