Say hello to ONLYOFFICE mascots

17 June 2020By Ksenija

We did a lot of thinking and drawing over the last half of the year. And today, just in time for the Mascot Day, we present not one, not two, but three mascots of ONLYOFFICE project. Take a careful look at these three magical creatures and read more about them in this post.

Welcome aboard!

ONLYOFFICE is all about collaboration, and it takes a team to collaborate. Say hello to our mascot crew of three: Wisella the owl, Stronger the ant, and Spiky the hedgehog.

Here they stand, freshly landed on the grounds of the digital Moon on Team ONLYOFFICE spaceship to begin their big mission. It’s safe to assume that in their features and looks they represent three ONLYOFFICE editors in distinctive colors and features.

But wait! At the same time, each one resembles one of the values of ONLYOFFICE: smart functionality, powerful collaboration, and high security.

Wisella is thoughtful and wise, she brings her powerful features to guarantee that your documents are built with the highest quality and compatibility. Stronger is small but mighty: he carries all instruments and collaborative powers that are vital for seamless teamwork. Spiky is security-first and makes sure the work is protected from unwanted intervention with his multiple security devices.

Wisella the owl

Stronger the ant

Spiky the hedgehog

Behind the scenes

We came across many candidates for ONLYOFFICE mascot, and would like to thank our lovely community for so many cool ideas. On our way, we met:

  • a beautiful white fox that adapts to any environment and lives everywhere perfectly;
  • a magnificent butterfly that flies around fast and looks just like our logo;
  • collaborative bees that work effectively on their important projects;
  • a super fast hummingbird that productively swings between tasks;
  • a baby stingray that values privacy and looks like a document.
  • a high-tech robot that is modern, multifunctional and always evolving.

Sure, all of these guys will find work to do in other cool projects, while we are going to feature our brand new mascot crew across our content and merchandise. What do you think about them? Tell us in comments or tweet at @onlyoffice.