Popular request: default review display mode for document in viewing

10 June 2020By Vlad

Our customers face a difficulty – they can’t see changes made in a reviewed document when it’s shared for viewing. We added a new setting to our API that lets developers set one of review display modes by default.



Our users fill in documents, suggest changes in reviewing and share them for view only. However, the recipients are unable to see changes unless they go to the Collaboration tab and choose to show suggested changes.


Our solution

Our new setting reviewDisplay allows developers to customize the default review display mode for viewing:

  • final – output document with all proposed changes accepted.
  • markup – proposed changes are highlighted.
  • original – the initial version of a document with no changes, set by default.

Make sure that the mode parameter is set to view, which means you enabled opening a document. Then go to editorConfig, add the reviewDisplay to the customization configuration and choose one of the following values depending on what mode you want viewers to use when they open a file: original, markup or final.

config = {
    "editorConfig": {
        "mode": "view",
        "customization": {
            "reviewDisplay": "original"

Now the recipients that can only view files will see their appropriate versions.


You can see yourself how the setting is implemented in latest versions of the official connectors for ownCloud and Nextcloud. Setting the default review display mode is already available in their interface. You can do it in your web solution too!


More about review

Watch this short video to get an idea about how to review in ONLYOFFICE:

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