ONLYOFFICE worldwide agents: Wesome Ltd.

17 June 2020By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

Welcome our new partner and reseller from South Korea – Wesome Ltd. Specialized in collaborative groupware solutions, Wesome Ltd. is introducing ONLYOFFICE to the local market. Read on for more details.

ONLYOFFICE and Wesome Ltd.

About Wesome Ltd.

Wesome Ltd. is a technology company based in Seoul (South Korea) that develops and provides collaborative groupware solutions and integrates them with customers’ legacy systems.

Wesome Ltd. provides such services as consulting and support, software implementation and integration. Their team of experts gives customers the best experience to ensure further innovation.

More security for banks and manufacturers

Online collaboration is now an essential element in a rapidly evolving Korean society. Wesome Ltd. provides customers with a messaging and open-source collaborative system. However, since other collaborative systems are delivered only as SaaS, major customers of Wesome Ltd. – banks and manufacturing companies – have lots of concerns about their security.

Dongwon Jung, CEO & Chief Engineer at Wesome Ltd.:

ONLYOFFICE not only provides an on-premise form to alleviate these worries, but also provides the tools necessary for the overall business of the company, and provides a complete API for customers who would like to introduce collaboration into their own base systems.
The partnership with ONLYOFFICE will not only help both companies, but will also provide great benefits to Korean corporate customers.

Moving borders together

ONLYOFFICE keeps on reaching out to companies and individuals worldwide who seek collaborative solutions adapted to their working needs, their business environment, and even their language.

Galina Goduhina, Commercial Director at ONLYOFFICE:

Our constantly growing network of partners, resellers and integrators helps us bring high-quality office software to existing corporate ecosystems all over the world. Wesome Ltd. is now in, and we’re very glad about it.

Willing to become our partner and provide your customers with the world’s #1 online editors? You are very welcome to contact us at The full list of ONLYOFFICE partners and resellers can be found here.